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A vlogging freshman investigates her missing roommate, which has nothing to do with her new roommate. A vampire. Well. It kind of does. It has to do with her vampire roommate’s mother. And giant brain sucking monsters. And all sorts of weird things.

The show is incredibly gay and ironic. It’s only got three seasons, but the gif sets were heard ’round the world. Weirdly they didn’t kill off any gays, though they did turn one into a vampire. She actually might be dead, now that I think about it…

Best of all? After season three they get a movie! It’ll be released online, so we’ll count it.

The series is based on the book Carmilla, which is indeed the first vampire story ever, it takes place in Styria at Silas University. The plot gets really weird and complicated with a cult and a lot weird twists and turns that confuse everyone. I mean, the library comes to life and is put in the body of a former frat boy.

After three seasons, the show ended on a positive, happy-ending note. And then they made The Carmilla Movie.


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