Web Series To Watch Out For

Web Series To Watch Out For

I may be occasionally (often) snarky about web series and their low quality, but truth be told, I don’t think we’d be making half the changes in representation without them. Works like Carmilla moved the needle a lot and while I tease, I’m not dismissive of their value.

If you’re looking for representation that is unabashedly direct, unapologetic, and unrelenting, then you need to check out some web series. Here are some that are I think deserve a look.

All For One

If the title wasn’t a giveaway, A4O is a gender bent, modern era, telling of The Three Musketeers. If they were in a sorority. And all queer. It’s done by KindaTV, whom you may remember were part of the success of Carmilla. Even though it’s the vlog style filming, the quality is good, the acting and scripts are good, and most importantly, the queer is great.

Season Two is coming soon (March 21st) and you can catch them on the Twitters as @A4OSeries or on their Tumblr.


An original series, Twenty is about Maya, a gay musician, prone to whirlwind romances. She’s trying to break out of old patterns, which may include being the supportive shoulder for her friends. The series was created by a queer director who, like you and me, wants to see positive representation.

Season two will be out May 7th. You can visit their website or on Twitter as @twentytheseries.


The Candle Wasters are back with another Shakesperian romp for you! Like their other works, it’s multimedia (meaning theres a Twitter and Tumblr component as well), ‘based on’ Shakespeare’s Hamlet. There’s a webcomic too, and they explore sexuality, mental health, and of course, the awkward teenager experience.

There’s just the pilot right now, but watch it and like it and you’ll get more. FWIW, they did one of my favourite series, Bright Summer Night.

Coming Soon…ish

  • ANNE+ has only aired teasers, but their crowdfunding was a success and we expect to see them soon.
  • BIFL (Breath In For Luck) debuted at TGIF/F. Their trailer is up and, by all reports, the scripts look great.
  • Riley Parra by Tello has finished filming season two, and this time with Marina Sirtis.
  • Total Party Kill will debut at ClexaCon and this series is totally going to be up my alley – queers and tabletop!? I’m in!

In Need of Help

  • Barbelle is working on writing season two but need a network to air on. Please help them out if you can!
  • Gal Pals is also working on season two. Their fundraising didn’t hit the mark, so they’ve got an Indigogo Campaign running.
  • The Girl Code is about a group of girls who do science experiments you really shouldn’t be doing. They have a teaser up, but no planned date of release.

Do you have a new or returning web series you’re looking forward to? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  • I never watch webseries but this sure will change the done 😮
    Thanks for the list, they all seem really interesting!

    • They always seemed so silly to me and then I sat down and seriously watched some good ones. I’m bummed that a lot have been lost already!

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