Bobbie’s Girl

Bobbie’s Girl


Bobbie Langham and Bailey Lewis (Bernadette Peters) are life partners who own and run “The Two Sisters”, a pub in the seaside village of Bray, near Dublin, Ireland, aided by Bailey’s brother, David Lewis. Bobbie discovers that she has breast cancer, and is determined to deal with the crisis on her own. Meanwhile, the parents of Bobbie’s 10-year-old nephew Alan Langham have been killed, and Bailey talks a reluctant Bobbie into taking him in.

Bobbie and Bailey are opposites. Bobbie is cool, quiet, reserved and practical. Bailey is an American, warm, outgoing and eccentric, and a former actress. As Bobbie undergoes treatment for her illness she finally agrees to accept Bailey’s help. In turn, Bailey takes over the management of the pub and takes care of Bobbie, growing more responsible.

In the end, Bobbie learns to express her love for Alan and accepts him into the extended “family”, much to Bailey’s delight. A “wedding-commitment” ceremony between Bobbie and Bailey, attended by family and friends, solidifies the women’s commitment to each other.


There are 2 queer characters listed for this show; none are dead.

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