The queer life in the wild west was pretty much shit.

“Deadwood” is set in a mining town that was not part of any U.S. state or territory in the post-Civil War years, and thus was literally lawless. Deadwood attracts people looking to get rich after a huge gold strike, as well as those looking to capitalize on the lack of organized law in the town, built on land stolen from the Sioux.

There are a lot of people who enjoyed the show, and with good reason. It was well written and well acted. It was also incredibly dark, though not as bad as Godless.

The show was canceled in 2006 without a proper ending, but in 2019 HBO aired a 2-hour finale set ten years after the events of the series.


There are 3 queer characters listed for this show; 1 is dead.

Regulars (2)

Guest (1)

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