Hamlet the Dame

Hamlet the Dame


A modern vlog-style series based on Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Which you probably guessed from the title and the fact that it’s a web series. This one is made by the creators of The Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) and The Blair Goddess Project.

Okay, so it’s Hamlet, y’know? Angry dame, dead father, a lot of stupid mistakes, and a tragic ending. It also comes with some trigger warnings and addresses a lot of LGBTQIA issues, mental health, and death. Can you imagine if Hamlet had a therapist? Or Twitter? #iknewhimhoratio.

Anyway, it’s Hamlet, and like always she spends four acts poncing about and getting everyone killed, only to die in the end. So the show gets a super low score for killing pretty much everyone queer except Yorick.

Go figure.

You can watch the whole story on YouTube.


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