Nathan “Nate” Ford is a former insurance investigator known for recovering millions of dollars in stolen property and chasing the most dangerous and elusive thieves in the world. When his son became ill, IYS, the insurance company he’d spent his career working for uses questionable ethics to deny coverage of a treatment necessary to save the child’s life, causing Nate’s son to die. Emotionally and financially devastated due to the expensive treatment and eventual loss of his son, Nate is approached by aerospace industrialist Victor Dubenich to recover stolen intellectual property by leading a group of thieves, all of whom Nate has previously chased. Nate initially disagrees, as the thieves all have reputations for being loners who do not cooperate with others; they include hacker Alec Hardison, ‘hitter’ Eliot Spencer, and a thief known only as “Parker”. Dubenich eventually convinces Nate to change his mind. While the job is successful, Dubenich double-crosses them and attempts to have them killed. Instead of fleeing, Nate persuades the team to retaliate, and further recruits the assistance of Sophie Deveraux, a formidable grifter, to put Dubenich out of business. Under Nate’s leadership, the group coalesces into a very effective unit, succeeding in ruining Dubenich’s business, clearing their names, and providing each thief enough money to retire from crime. Realizing their potential as a team, they approach Nate to continue under his leadership. Forced to choose between being a “white knight” versus the “black king,” Nate accepts on one condition: they will only target the corrupt and powerful to avenge ordinary people who have no other recourse.

Notable Queer-Centric Episodes

Detective Grayson can be found in three episode of season Four
  • Episode 3 "The 15 Minutes Job"
  • Episode 11 "The Experimental Job"
  • Episode 13 "The Girls' Night Out Job"


There is 1 queer character listed for this show; none are dead.

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