She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power


An orphan named Adora who leaves behind her former life in the evil Horde when she discovers a magic sword that transforms her into the mythical warrior princess She-Ra. Along the way, she finds a new family in the Rebellion as sheunites a group of magical princesses in the ultimate fight against evil.

Queer Plotline Timeline

While it’s heavily implied through the first five seasons, the last one confirms. Yes, Catra and Adora love each other. Yes, like that.

After the show aired, ND Stevenson has elaborated that the majority of the characters are queer in some way. However, much of their queerness is subtextual or left open to interpretation. Stevenson was clear that had the intent been to have certain characters be transgender, they would be played by transgender actors.

Due to the complications of that, many characters that are likely to be queer (including Mermista) are not included her at this time.


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