Queer Beats – September 17, 2021

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! I missed out on over three weeks of queer TV news so let’s get started! This week, the news included way too many show cancelations for my liking.


It’s extremely rare that a popular fan casting actually comes to life but this time, IT HAPPENED! Bridget Regan will be Batwoman’s Poison Ivy!

Meanwhile, most of the Batwoman cast headed to DragonCon last week and it gave me so many Kate/Sophie feels.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

B99 is finally ending (sadly) and Stephanie Beatriz wrote a goodbye post to the show.

Derry Girls

This video doesn’t include any new information, it just made me miss Derry Girls.


This is the most personally heartbreaking news of the week for me. Dickinson will end after the third season… UGH!


HBO Max also already canceled Generation after one season.

The L Word: Generation Q

Leo Sheng graced Vogue Man Hong Kong this week!

And Kate and Sarah decided to make us all feely again.

Law & Order: SVU

Well, there goes our SVU queer…


#Luimelia ended another season and we currently do not know if there will be more. All I have to say is… THERE BETTER BE!

Republic of Sarah

Another day, another cancelation…

Schitt’s Creek

Remember the wine label scene? Emily Hampshire says it helped her realize her own real-life identity.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Here’s the thing. I was so excited about this until I actually clicked on the article and found out that it isn’t actually connected to the Netflix show. Amazon better not be cowards and keep it queer!

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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