Queer Beats – July 8, 2022

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer TV news crowdsourced from the LWTV Slack Community. This week, is an assortment of coming out, moving on and behind the scenes!

Mythic Quest

Ashly Burch, who has played a bazillion queers on TV, video games, writes and directs queer content and more, has come out as queer and pan. It’s never too late to come out, and Pride is eternal.


Motherland: Fort Salem


MFS 3×02 bloopers


Misc Fandom

Natalie and Tessa cuteness


Tuca & Bertie

Season 3 trailer for Tuca & Bertie


Sex Education

Sadly, Patricia Allison reveals, due to scheduling conflicts, she will not return as Ola for ‘SEX EDUCATION’ Season 4.


The L Word: Generation Q

The most Alice I’ve ever seen her.



Hello ND!


Gentleman Jack

With big thermometer sadness, Gentleman Jack will not get a season three. While the second season was a little rockier, getting to see old time lesbians in a world that wasn’t ready for them remains as a stellar mark in the portrayal of historical queers. There’s a small chance someone else might pick it up, but if that doesn’t happen, at least it means we never have to put the ‘dead queers’ flag on the show, as the real life story ended tragically. I may go console myself by watching the intro and outro credits a few times, but until then, enjoy the bloopers.


Misc Sporty Fandom

I have no words!


Bonus? Barbie loves it too!

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