Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty


The series focuses on the life of wannabe writer Betty Suarez, a plain girl from Queens, N.Y., who is smart, hardworking and savvy but has a different sense of style. When publishing mogul Bradford Meade puts his son Daniel in charge of his Mode magazine, he hires Betty to be Daniel’s new assistant — mostly because he knows that she may be the only woman in Manhattan with whom the younger man won’t sleep.

There was a lesbian storyline for the show. The relationship between Claire (Judith Light) and Victoria (Christine Baranski) was powerful, but Vanessa Williams publicly announced ABC squashed the idea entirely.

The show’s executive producer, Silvio Horta, went on to say, “We thought about it, but ultimately decided to go in a direction that would set up more stories for next season.”

Queer Plotline Timeline

The lesbian storyline was shelved, which resulted in queer female representation being in the form of Alexis who…

  • faked her own death
  • transitioned off camera
  • came back to take over the magazine
  • gets made fun of
  • gets misgendered
  • shoves a pregnant woman down the stairs
  • gets out of the conviction

Gee. Thanks.


There is 1 queer character listed for this show; none are dead.

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