Projects and Pilots for 2019

December 26, 2018 user-circle Mika A. Epstein

We’re almost at 2019 everyone! Before we know it the new season will be upon us, so let’s have a look at what’s to come.

2018 Upfronts: Needs More Queer (Except for The CW)

May 18, 2018 user-circle Mika A. Epstein

ABC, CBS, the CW, Fox and NBC are pitching their wares to the advertisers in the 2018 upfronts. Here’s our view on how gay the 2018-2019 season looks for network TV. Spoilers? Not gay enough.

The Big Picture: US Network TV

May 9, 2018 user-circle Mika A. Epstein

Picking into the nitty gritty is one thing. But let’s look at the overall big picture of US network TV and representation. Spoilers, it’s probably not what you thought.