Avatar the Legend of Korra

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Queer Beats – January 10, 2020

January 10, 2020 user-circle NikkiT

This week, a slew of our favorite shows were renewed, Gentleman Jack began work on season 2, and Rosa Diaz is our daddy.

The Queering of Cartoons

The Queering of Cartoons

November 28, 2018 user-circle Mika A. Epstein

We’re getting better and better about giving our kids representation in the best ways, where they see queer couples every day.

Exclusive: Ten Questions with History is Gay

Exclusive: Ten Questions with History is Gay

July 5, 2018 user-circle Mika A. Epstein

Did you know that history is waaaaay more gay than our textbooks like to tell? Gretchen and Leigh are on a two-woman mission to educate the world about just that. We’ve got ten questions with History is Gay.

Korra blushes when Asami compliments her haircut

Korrasami is Real

December 25, 2014 user-circle Mika A. Epstein

If you haven’t watched the last season of “Avatar: The Legend of Korra” and you hate spoilers, you can watch all the episodes of Korra on Nick.com for free until January 5th.