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Queerest Things - The L Word Generation Q season 2 Dani and Sophie

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, I’m back on my L Word Generation Q recaps! Everyone seems to be in a bad place this season, but Dani and Sophie may be getting a restart.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
The L Word: Generation Q – Season 2 Episode 4 “Lake House” [Live]

I hate to say this but I feel like this season of The L Word Generation Q is a little boring. We’re 4 episodes in and there’s not as much drama as last year. I think this may be a result of filming during covid — everyone is siloed into their own plots. I loved the group shots and comedic chemistry between several characters at once. I’m also sad my favorite queer poly triad is broken up, but that’s a different topic

Here’s what everyone was up to last week.

Dani and Sophie

The show opens up like season 1 of The Good Fight when Maia’s dad got arrested for fraud, but in this case, it’s Dani’s dad.

Dani disappears and no one knows where she went, but Sophie is able to figure it out. She escaped to her family’s house in Ojai. She lets Sophie in when she arrives at the house and they start a long day of processing. Processing Dani’s dad, processing the last couple of months and their relationship…which leads to this.

The L Word Generation Q - Sophie and Dani kiss

I think Dani and Sophie had a lot of issues, but Sophie and Finley just felt wrong. If I have to pick, I’m team Dani and not mad about this.

At end of the night, Sophie gets up to go back home Dani tells her to stay.

I am not in support of cheating on your fiance with someone who then blows up your wedding to deal with your relationship problems, but Dani was not nice to Sophie. It went beyond being occupied with a busy job. When she was around she gave her like zero emotional attention. Maybe a big blow-up is what they needed to restart the relationship. Although it could have been a big fight and calling the wedding off vs. what happened. But then, this is a drama.


Is involved in everyone’s story this season, but since breaking up with Jose, his main plot has been hanging out with Sophie’s sister Maribel. They are totally cute together and I ship it.

It looks like Micah does too because, after a double date arranged by Maribel, Micah tells her he wasn’t into it. When she asks why he says he doesn’t think he’s gay, and he may be into women too. Maribel looks surprised, but she says she could set him up with a woman if he wants.

The L Word Generation Q - Micah and Maribel

He was totally about to ask her out. I hope he gets the nerve up next week!

Sophie and Finley

Why these two are still living together I have no idea. Sophie fucked up and Finley burst in and derailed her wedding — it’s not a good foundation for a friendship or whatevership they’re trying to have. In my opinion, Sophie and Finley need a time-out.

Despite this being a bad idea, Sophie asks Finley out to dinner.

The L Word Generation Q - Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?

Oh, no, this is going to get Finley’s hopes way up.

Later, Micah tells Sophie about the situation with Dani’s dad and begs her to find her because no one knows where she is. Sophie tells him she probably doesn’t want to be found, especially by her, but she drives off to search for her anyway.

While Sophie is off finding Dani, Finley is getting ready for the big (in her mind) date by buying a new pink blazer and flowers. It’s painful to watch because we all know Dani is not coming back to LA for this dinner and Finley has made this into a big deal.

The L Word Generation Q - It's just dinner

Micah sees it, we all see it.

Later, Finley is at the restaurant waiting for her curbside sushi date with Sophie when she calls to tell her she can’t make it. She lies about why.

The L Word Generation Q - You workin' late?

Ugh, this is not going to end well.

Back at home, Micah inadvertently spills the beans on the real reason Sophie is in Ojai.

The L Word Generation Q - She's on Ojai

After hearing that news Finley scoots away to the liquor store. Ugh, she is going to be a hot mess next week.


Alice is depressed and staying at Bette’s house after breaking up with Nat.

I didn’t know Alice had her own house with her mom in it!

When she gets to her place Lenore is there! She is still played by Anne Archer who was her mom in the original — I love that! Lenore is still a trainwreck and involved with an MLM.

The L Word Generation Q - It's a multi level marketing company

I’m a little obsessed with MLMs and have listened to a couple of podcasts about them, so this made me laugh and feel sad at the same time.

Alice tells her mom she and Nat broke up, she’s moving back to her place and mom’s got to go. Her mom flat-out refuses and tells Alice she needs her. Alice leased her a new apartment and everything, but Lenore still says no.

At work, Alice’s editor Tom pushes her to open up emotionally on a segment about Dana. She doesn’t want to but he pressures her into it.

UGH. There are so many unresolved feelings from the first L Word and this is like a group therapy session. We could all go around the room and tell our feelings about Dana dying 15 years ago.

After a long day at work, Alice goes home and cries in her mom’s arms. Poor Alice.

Bette Fucking Porter

Bette is still dealing with Angelica getting her DNA tested and finding and meeting her half-sibling from last week.

The L Word Generation Q - DNA match.gif

I’ve been re-watching the OG L Word and reminded myself of Marcus Allenwood being Bette and Tina’s donor. He’s an artist and at the time was dating a woman who freaked out on Tina when she found out she was pregnant. I wonder if they are still together and if she is half-sib Kayla’s mom. I don’t recall there being any secrecy around Angelica knowing who her donor is, but it’s a thing now.

Kayla and Angie hang out again and Kayla tells her stuff about her dad, the last thing being something she was avoiding — he is dying.

While Angie is going through her donor angst alone, Bette drives out to the woods somewhere to stalk Pippa Pascal, a reclusive artist she wants to recruit for her museum. It’s intense. Bette literally waits outside her barn for hours after the first slam in the face until she comes out again.

After a lot of begging while making her Art Face (the face where she looks like she’s about to cry while talking about art) she finally talks her into going to dinner.

Bette wines, dines and pitches her but at the end of the night, Pippa says no to her offer. As she gets up to leave Bette creepily grabs her arm and begs at her.

The L Word Generation Q -  Don't touch me like this

After that Bette drives back home and has awkward top-on-top sex with Gigi.

Bette’s in a bad place this season. I’m scared to see how family therapy with Angie, Tina and Carrie goes next week.


I’m not into the underground poker thing Shane doing at the bar right now. Is this illegal? Is part of it illegal and will she and Tess get into trouble for it? Shane shouldn’t be making sketchy business decisions like this, plus I am VERY DISAPPOINTED she hasn’t repeated this line from the OG L Word yet.

The L Word - Liquor in the front poker in the rear

Speaking of the first L Word, when Angie talks to Shane about her donor dying and about meeting bio fathers in general, Shane tells her about meeting her dad and how that didn’t go well.

I wish Carmen could come back so bad. My wife and I made up a scenario where it could work. She could have been an Iranian refugee as a baby during the Iranian Revolution and her American family adopted her and raised her Latina never telling her she was adopted. In Gen Q she could take the DNA test with Angie for fun and discover she was Persian. That would be good TV, right?

At the bar, Shane is trying to get a projector to work (which to be honest isn’t that difficult on the tech things scale) and Tess needs to go to Vegas to help her mom who is suffering from dementia.

When Tess gets back home Shane is there with the projector in the yard set up all cute for a movie. I totally knew where this was going when the projector was set up wrong and Tess needed to help her.

The L Word Generation Q - Tess and Shane kiss


I love Tess (and Jamie Clayton) and like her and Shane being together, but I see problems. Dating co-workers is not a good idea, Tess should be focused on recovery and I just know something bad is going to go down with the poker stuff.

Maybe these two crazy kids will make it work.

This week: AVALANCE WEDDING and I hope things start looking up for our L Word: Generation Q peeps.

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