The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – July 4, 2022

Queerest Things - Mabel and Alice

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Mabel and Alice are an exciting new development on Only Murders in the Building and The Chi is back for season five.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Only Murders in the Building – Season 2 Episode 2 “Framed” [Streaming]

When it was announced back in May that Cara Delevingne was going to play Selena Gomez’s love interest in season 2 of Only Murders in the Building there was much rejoicing in the LezWatchTV Slack. I imagine Cara Delevingne to be the real life Shane of Hollywood and she would bring a lot of big queer energy to the show.

Cara plays Alice, the owner of small artist’s collective Third Arm Gallery who takes an interest in Mabel’s art after she and her podcast hosts became famous after Bunny’s murder. She slips into Mabel’s DMs, and even though she is awash in message requests, Mabel writes her back. After chatting, Mabel decides to attend her exhibit opening the next day where Mabel and Alice hit it off nicely.

In episode two, Mabel goes to Alice’s studio to do some destruction therapy by smashing up a statue.

Mabel and Alice escalated quickly!

I’m happy they got to the romance part in 2 episodes and didn’t draw things out. I am psyched for Mabel and Alice’s new queer relationship, but I do not trust Alice. I just have the feeling she has something up her sleeve because this is a murder mystery after all. I’m looking forward to seeing how things evolve this season!

The Chi – Season 5 Episode 2 “Oh Girl” [Streaming]

I spent most of the first 2 episodes of The Chi season 5 saying, “Where’s Imani?” She had by far become my favorite character and I loved her and Trig. Trig bought a ring to propose to her with and I was like, “Yes! Big wedding, please!” But when she didn’t show up I was like, “Wait, is Jasmine Davis not coming back?”

2 seconds and a Google search later, my fears were confirmed.

How did I miss this?

I am honestly heartbroken, but I respect Jasmine’s decision.

Moving on to two of my favorite lesbian moms on television, Nina and Dre are still processing Nina’s big cheating event last season. While hanging out with Jada and Tracy, they do that TV thing where people co-opt other folks’ issues to passive-aggressively dig at their own shit.

The Chi - Caught in an comfortable rut

Ugh. Uncomfortable.

I have things to say about this.

  • Nina, you didn’t sleep with a random stranger because you were in a comfortable rut. You though Dre was having an affair with Jada when she was really helping her out with her cancer diagnosis. Instead of using your words and asking Dre about it you went to a bar and revenge-banged someone!
  • Comfortable rut? Really? You got married TWO YEARS ago. That’s still the honeymoon phase and during that time your family has dealt with a lot of tragedy. That’s not “comfortable rut” mode.
  • I love Dre and admire her commitment to the relationship (I believe in forgiveness and don’t think cheating is always an relationship-ending event). This is the time for Nina to apologize and not blame what she did on routine relationship issues.
  • Get it together, Nina & Dre! You’re almost the only queer moms couple on TV I like and I don’t want to lose you!

Towards the end of the episode, you see Nina and Dre getting all cute and dressed up for something. I thought maybe it was a date, but that’s not what it was.

Is getting dressed up for Zoom therapy a thing?

I really really hope therapy works and they can get better with their communication issues. Also, where’s Roselyn??

This week: Y’all, mommy’s going on a TWO WEEK VACATION! I am going to take a break from Queerest Things, but I will still be watching plenty of TV to write about when I get back.

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