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This show is centered around a woman named Maura Pfefferman who comes out as trans to her family. As you follow Maura’s journey to becoming her true self, you meet dozens of queer characters along the way. Maura’s two grown daughters are both bisexual, and one may be finding her own gender identity. At one point you journey back in time to meet Maura’s aunt Gittel who was also a trans woman. Maura has a circle of trans women friends and you get to know them and their stories as well.

The show is wonderfully well done and one of the queerest on major streaming media. Creator Joey Soloway, who identifies as non-binary, was inspired to create the show by their own parent who came out as transgender. Soloway enacted a “transfirmative action program”, that made sure many trans people were involved in the series’ writing, production and acting.

Queer Plotline Timeline

There are many shades of queerness throughout the entire series.

Notable Queer-Centric Episodes

Every episode is queer!


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