The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – June 21, 2021

Queerest Things - Avalance Proposal

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Sara and Ava were finally reunited (kind of) on Legends of Tomorrow and we got to see the long-awaited Avalance proposal!

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Legends of Tomorrow – Season 6 Episode 7 “Back to the Finale Part II” [Live]

Since the beginning of season 6, we’ve been set up knowing Sara was going to propose to Ava but was abducted by aliens before she got the chance. For 6 episodes Mick has been trying to rescue her and Sara’s been fighting with her captor, Bishop — the creator of the Ava clones.

As of last week we found Sara actually died (again) and is now a clone. Ava now thinks she’s dead dead and starts this episode sadly watching the video of Sara telling Bowie she’s going to propose over and over again.

Ava should know death has never stopped Sara before!

Meanwhile, the Legends try to “Back to the Future” fix everything by returning to the season 5 finale to prevent Sara from getting abducted. That was entertaining and fun to see Charlie again! They don’t succeed, but Rory and Gary manage to find Sara, erase Bishop’s consciousness, and the Ava clones there agree to destroy Bishop’s operation. They get Sara back to the ship and all is well, except this iteration of Sara is a human/alien clone hybrid. I’m not too worried about this because it’s not the weirdest thing the show has ever done.

And now the part we really care about — the Sara/Ava reunion!

And the big Avalance proposal scene.

Yay, Avalance proposal!

I’m so glad we have several episodes left to enjoy Sara and Ava being engaged (and perhaps a big queer wedding?) and the separation didn’t go on for the entire season. However, when is Sara going to tell Ava she’s a part-alien clone? I wonder how that is going to go down.

This week: Motherland: Fort Salem is back tomorrow night (yay) and the Batwoman season finale is on Sunday (😟).

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