All My Children

All My Children


All My Children started airing the same year I was born, 1970, and I distinctly remember watching it with my mom as a little kid and getting totally invested in the characters. Who knew my future wife was also to be an AMC fan. Before having a kid, the first thing we would do when we came home from work was flip on the AMC episode Tivo recorded that day.

All that being said, AMC is your typical terrible-good daytime soap opera. It featured the legendary Erica Kane played by Susan Lucci. Since Erica Kane is probably one of the most famous soap opera characters of all time, it was pretty groundbreaking when her daughter Bianca Montgomery came out to her as a lesbian December 2000. In true soap opera form it took a zillion episodes to get to that point and from then on Bianca had a bunch of different relationships (with loyal shipper superfans), babies, a terrible rape plot line, a brief relationship with a transgender lesbian rock star, a gay wedding, a gay divorce, a gay remarriage and a dead girlfriend.

Queer Plotline Timeline

The Eden Riegel version of Bianca returns to Pine Valley (the fictitious Philly Suburban town the show takes place in) in July 2000 and comes out to her mom, Erica Kane, in December 2000. In 2010 Bianca is played by Christina Bennett Lind until the end of the Network version of the show. In 2013 AMC briefly tried airing web-only episodes on Hulu with Eden Riegel back as Bianca, but it sucked pretty bad and stopped soon after.

Notable Queer-Centric Episodes


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