The 100

The 100


If you’re still looking down here, the reason for the trigger warning is that in the third season, episode 10, there’s self-harm, serious threats of physical violence, and rape.

On a god-damned CW show.

Take 100 pretty teenagers, living in outerspace after a nuclear apocalypse made Earth uninhabitable 97 years ago. They’re all sentenced to die and the space station is running out of air, so they’re dropped off on the planet with fancy bracelets to see if the world is livable.

Not only is it totally survivable, but there are people still living there! And shit happens.

I think they’re down to maybe 60 of the original 101 (there was an extra guy), and the show has started to get swallowed by it’s own mythology in the worst ways. The ‘main’ character, Clarke Griffin, is a bisexual 17 year old. She had a relationship with a Grounder (someone who’d been born on the ground…) Commander named Lexa. After a season of build up, they had sex and Lexa was promptly killed in the next scene.


It gave people Buffy flashbacks.

I can’t do justice when I explain how deplorable the situation was. The show runner had spent most of a year talking up his treatment of LGBT and how he was around he’d made a world where sexuality and race didn’t matter. Sure. If you ignored the White Savior Trope, and how literally every person of color was mistreated (including cast members). When you have a show where Isiah Washington (famous for being a bully to an open homosexual actor on Greys’ Anatomy) is a beacon of acceptance and sanity, you’re doing something wrong.

The show only got worse in subsequent episodes, including the execution of a black man on his knees, beaten, in chains. That’s in addition to the things listed at the top of the page.

As much as this was an enjoyable little silly romp in a clean post-apocalyptic world, it has become a travesty that children shouldn’t watch.

Queer Plotline Timeline

Season Two introduced us to Lexa and she and Clarke kissed. In season three, Clarke had a random hookup with a woman, only to have said woman beaten the hell up and Clarke kidnapped. Eventually Clarke and Lexa got together, but Lexa was shot by a bullet meant for Clarke in the very next scene.

Notable Queer-Centric Episodes

  • Season 2, episode 9 – Remember Me: Lexa talks about her murdered girlfriend, Costia
  • Season 2, episode 14 – Bodyguard of Lies: Lexa and Clarke kiss
  • Season 3, episode 1 – Wanheda (part 1): Clarke has sex with Niylah
  • Season 3, episode 7 – Thirteen: Clarke and Lexa have sex, and minutes later Lexa is killed


There are 3 queer characters listed for this show; 1 is dead.

Regular (1)

Recurring (2)

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