She’s Gay Because We Say Ain’t Okay

October 24, 2018 user-circle Mika A. Epstein

We’re still not in the Good Place where someone saying a character is queer is enough.

Riverdale’s Bisexual Toni Topaz – Yea or Nay?

July 31, 2017 user-circle Mika A. Epstein

Riverdale is going to have a bisexual, and I’m pretty skeptical about the whole thing.

The Lesbian Crumb Grab

February 18, 2017 user-circle Tracy Levesque

We have to stop putting up with crumbs. We deserve to have queer characters who are happy, 3-dimensional and have romantic and sexual relationships equal to their straight counterparts.

The 2016-17 Season Starts Soon

September 16, 2016 user-circle Mika A. Epstein

It’s nearly time for US TV to start killing off more people. Are you ready?

CW – Someone’s Gay

August 12, 2016 user-circle Mika A. Epstein

Someone’s gay on the CW, but is it someone new or someone old?