The 2016-17 Season Starts Soon

The 2016-17 Season Starts Soon

Let’s be honest. Last season was tough for lesbians.

21 characters died in 2016. That’s actually not the worst year ever. 28 died in 2015. But hey, we’ve got a whole four months left. All 2016 has to do is kill off 2 characters a month to win it. Looking at the current political status of the world, that feels rather likely. Especially if you think of how Caramilla‘s airing it’s final season right now, and skews to ‘pretty much everyone’s queer.’ Taking on a headmaster who’s a God? No big. And … let’s not talk about The 100, save that Lexa deserved better.

On the other hand, there have been some pretty phenomenal shows that have come out this year. Both Her Story and Take My Wife made it to our coveted Gold Star Shows Page, and with good reason. While Her Story is a bit serious, they both handle the reality of female queers in a surprisingly touching way.

And even mainstream has a little bit of hope. Over on Legends of Tomorrow, Sara Lance is traipsing through history and seducing all the women she finds (not really, but kind of…) and The CW promised to give us a lesbian on Supergirl (while introducing Maggie Sawyer who is gay gay gay in the comics). Then again, super-hero shows have been pretty rough for WLW. Look at Barbara Kean over on Gotham. She’s … Yeah. I don’t know. Rizzoli & Isles ended in the gayest non-gay way ever, with Jane and Maura headed off to Paris (seriously? are you even trying anymore?), so there goes another queerbaiting show.

But again for the good news, Wynonna Earp was renewed! And the show was (thus far) treated our precious Nicole Haught and baby lesbian Waverly Earp with the greatest respect. Bulletproof vests. I mean, daaaymn. And the Xena reboot seems to be trucking along. Quietly.

If I had to predict anything for the back half of 2016, its this. We will lose more queer females. And we’ll be here to update you.

The Dead: 2016

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