Fake Relationship TV Shows (


When two characters have to pretend to be in love. Naturally, there’s a high likelihood of them falling in love. This covers the beard trope, marriage for citizenship, jealousy, and of course, the beard.

Barbelle star

Pop-stars Veronica and Alice’s meteoric rise to stardom has led to a blitzkrieg on their personal lives.

Airdates: 2017 - current

The Best Wishes

The story follows cousins Millie and Aaron Wishfort as they navigate life, love, and family.

Airdates: 2018 - current

The Cavanaughs

A group of friends reunite to create a television sitcom.

Airdates: 2010 - 2012

Couple-ish star

When faking being in love has to become a real thing…

Airdates: 2015 - 2017

The Fall warning

There’s a string of murders in Belfast, but don’t worry! Gillian Anderson is on the case!

Network: ,
Airdates: 2013 - 2017

The Fosters

Teri Polo and Sherri Saum play Stef and Lena Foster, just two regular lesbians trying to raise five children in Southern California. If only those kids would stop having shenanigans!

Network: ,
Airdates: 2013 - 2018

Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie

One of weirder britcoms. It ended with a main character pulling her own wig off.

Network: ,
Airdates: 1999 - 2001

Glee star

Gay teenagers in Ohio in a show choir sounded like the best idea for a show ever. Singing, dancing, and epic lesbian disappointment.

Airdates: 2009 - 2015

Roomies star

Best friends Sam and Alex, both recently single, have found the perfect apartment. But there’s a catch: they have to convince their neighbors that they’re a couple to keep it.

Airdates: 2013

Silk Stalkings skull-crossbones

Cassie and Tom catch the killers in Palm Beach, and there’s lots of sex.

Network: ,
Airdates: 1991 - 1999

Strong Medicine

Tough female doctors treat an exclusively female clientele at the Rittenhouse Women’s clinic, tackling female-centric issues and trying to make the world a better place in a male-dominated society.

Airdates: 2000 - 2006

Til Lease Do Us Part star

Two roommates re-enter the dating world with one problem: they’re exes.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2014 - 2015