Season Three Keeps Making “Good Trouble”

Season Three Keeps Making “Good Trouble”

It’s still funny to me, given how much Tracy and I hated watching The Fosters, that I was so damn excited for the return of Good Trouble.


Balancing the absurdity of your 20s with the insanity of 2020, Good Trouble continues to hit the target with a stellar season 3. Tune in on February 17th.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season 2 and the upcoming season 3.

What Came Before

The third season picks up where the second left off:

  • Mariana slept with Evan (her boss at Spekulate) when she thought that her boyfriend, Raj (also a Spekulate coworker), slept with her new roommate — oh and said new roommate is pretty crazy
  • Malika’s in a lot of trouble with the law and may end up in jail because she’s standing up for BLM
  • Dennis and David slept together and then he ran off after seeing the art Gael did of his dead son
  • Gael by the way quit his job at Spekulate and came out as Bi to his parents
  • Alice, everyone’s favourite awkward stand-up comedian lesbian, broke up with her partner Joey and her mentor Lindsay (played by Rhea Butcher) is sleeping with her ex/best friend (Sumi) and stealing her jokes
  • Callie broke up with her rich boyfriend, Jamie (who is the brother to her adopted-brother’s wife), after stealing papers to help save a low-income residential building and having a break-in from a friendly homeless man.

And by the way, this is not even close to touching half the deep drama they got into in season 2.

What’s Coming Next


Season three picks up as Callie moves back into the Coterie, Mariana feels torn between Raj and Evan, Malika prepares for her hearing after breaking Judge Wilson’s restraining order, Davia and Dennis explore the future of their relationship, Gael looks to get back to his true passion, Alice takes her comedy to the next level, and Jamie wonders if he can ever forgive Callie for betraying him.

Good Trouble has never shied away from tough topics. In season three, they’re going to tackling white supremacy and the ways in which they abuse the system and social media. One of Mariana’s pet projects at Spekulate was an activism app and … well you can guess what happens.

I have to admit, as someone who works for a tech company, the struggles of Mariana’s life at Spekulate is one that deeply resonates with me. And as someone who has worked multiple times for companies who have had ties with groups I personally find not just distasteful but horrific, well … I can tell you their handling of that internal drama and conflict is not just good but damn accurate. It’s real and it’s pretty much like that.

Good Trouble Continues to Deliver

I am very glad I made it through my 20s before social media, but at the same time, I am astounded and impressed by the way people are making their mark on the world. I can watch a show like Good Trouble and think that maybe, just maybe, the kids are going to be alright.

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