Queer Beats – February 12, 2021

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, we were devastated by the Wynonna Earp and B99 cancellations but, in good news, Mindy Kaling is going to be Velma!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Another show falls to the the COVID-19 hiatus. We will get the final, much-anticipated season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine this year, but it will be a shortened season. This is hard news to hear but, as already reported, the show was struggling to find a way to continue a cop-led show in light of the Black Lives Matters movement.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It has long been known that Joss Whedon created toxic environments on set. Although she has alluded to it before, Charisma Carpenter finally made a statement on the treatment she received on the set of BTVS. Many cast members supported her, including Amber Benson:

For All Mankind

Here’s the newest trailer for the second season of For All Mankind!


The trailer for HBO Max’s new show, Generation, is here and looks very queer! (For the record, I see what they are trying to do with the ‘Genera+ion’ spelling but I’m ignoring it.)

The L Word: Generation Q

Y’all ROSIE O’DONNELL is going to be playing Tina’s fiancé in the next season of TLWGQ. This truly blew my mind this week. I cannot wait to see Bette interact with her.

Orange is the New Black

Laura Prepon posted this cute throwback pic!

Punky Brewster

Jasika Nicole will be playing Cherie’s girlfriend on the Punky Brewster revival!


HBO Max is really getting on my good side these days. Mindy Kaling announced that she will be the voice of Velma, and even mentioned the character’s “budding sexuality.” *insert eyes emoji here*

Wynonna Earp

Now, for the news that devastated the queer fandom this week:

The beloved show will be leaving us. SYFY released a trailer for the final six episodes but I’m not sure that it made any of us feel that much better:

Most of the cast posted tributes to the show, but here are two from our beloved WayHaught:

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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  • So much to comment on! I’m so glad to see Jasika Nicole in something again – I loved her as Astrid in Fringe. The Charisma Carpenter thing I knew – although she never officially said anything before it was widely rumoured that Joss killed he character off because she was pregnant. Looking forward to Velma! Also I was already stink-eyeing Syfy after Warehouse 13, so cancelling Wynonna Earp is just par for their evil course IMHO.

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