Queer Beats – August 12, 2022

Queer Beats – August 12, 2022

Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news crowdsourced from the LWTV Slack Community. This week, the cast of For All Mankind brings us so much queer joy and Cameron Esposito brings TV producers a handy PSA.

Cameron Esposito

Carmel: A nice PSA.

Tad: That was fantastic!

Tracy: “Skydiving” we have a word now besides “leg stuff.”

Barbie: 😂😂😂 that was great.

For All Mankind

“Pam” speaks.

Kelly: This sounds very much like a goodbye. Did you feel that too?

Tad: I hope not :pleading_face:

Tracy: Maybe this is like….this is my one appearance this season, but I’ll be back?

Tracy: They are so cute. I love love.

Nikki: Sooo cute.

Tad: Love that!

Tracy: :bangbang::bangbang:

Nikki: Omg.

Tracy: The cuteness just never stops.

Motherland: Fort Salem

Carmel: Talder knows what they’re doing.

Nikki: That ship KILLS ME :skull:

White Lotus

Tad: Here’s hoping for representation…no confirmation yet.

Tracy: More than a gay guy pooping in a bag I hope :joy:

Tad: Where there’s Aubrey Plaza there’s hope.

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, very random. If you feel you have your finger on the pulse of fluffy queer TV news, please JOIN US!

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