The show explores erotic desires, passions and fantasies of women from a female perspective, with the episodes themselves directed and written by women.

Notable Queer-Centric Episodes

  • Season One, Episode Four: The Value of X - Jeanette is a closeted, sexually confused high school senior in love with her best female friend Marnie. Zach, a daring out-of-closet gay student, agrees to help Jeanette figure out who she really is through sexual role play sessions.
  • Season One, Episode Five: Voice - A woman begins having paranormal experiences after being in a relationship with a married man. She becomes haunted by the apparition of his current wife. The tables are turned when she begins yearning for the touch of his wife than the actual arms of the married man she loves.
  • Season One, Episode Five: Leaper - Young insecure author, Julie, meets dominant older publisher Diane. They witness the suicide of a disturbed homeless woman. Julie is shaken up by this, but scheming Diane uses that to seduce Julie.
  • Season Two, Episode Four: The Marvellon - An older lipstick lesbian meets a young butch drag king who turns her world upside down by pushing her to consider different forms of gender expression in sexual contexts.


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