The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – June 25, 2018

Queerest Things - Sense8 finale episode Amanita and Nomi

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week; The Bold Type deals with some nepotism; The Originals has a big queer proposal; and I finally get to watch the Sense8 finale episode.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Supergirl – Season 3 Episode 23 “Battles Lost and Won” [Live]

I wasn’t going to include Supergirl this week, but since it was the finale, I guess I feel obligated to do so.

In the middle of Reign threatening total chaos and disaster, Alex is still baby obsessed and takes up Lena’s time talking about it, when they should be focused on saving the Earth.

Supergirl - It took me forever to find Maggie

Alex is 29, right? Most of my friends with kids had them in their mid-to-later 30s. Chill, Alex, there is time to date and find a potential partner who wants to have kids.

Alex continues to process single mom by choice-hood with Lena.

Supergirl - That's true

Yes, Lena, that is true! Focus on the crisis at hand, Alex!

What is the point of all this? Why does the show need to drill down on the “women can’t have a family and a career” thing? None of the dudes on the show are having this issue.

At the very end Alex is about to quit (and then I was about quit having any faith in this show), but then J’onn denies her resignation and promotes her to Director of the DEO. As Director she won’t be in the field as much and can have all the babies she wants.

Supergirl - Congratulations Director

Did they actually find a way to reset Alex’s character? Did Space dad fix this baby train wreck story line?

This is all is a bit of a stretch, but I’ll take it! If Alex and Ava are both on the crossover, they can have a lesbian Director convention.

Another exciting thing that happened was Mon El leaving the show!

Ok, writers you have a brand new season with everything in place to make it a good one.

Please take Alex’s baby obsession, put it in a little box and shoot it into space.

And please, bring back this Alex!

The Bold Type – Season 2 Episode 3 “The Scarlet Letter” [Live]

Sutton is put in charge of a photo shoot, and there is a lot of pressure on her to do a good job to impress Oliver. Meanwhile, Kat is fretting over Adena looking for work in order to keep her visa. Kat learns Sutton needs a photographer for the shoot and tells her she should hire Adena.

Sutton thinks Adena is too artsy fartsy to do a straight-up product shoot, but Kat puts the pressure on.

The Bold Type - Adena's Visa

Kat’s behavior made me really uncomfortable here. I own a business and do not mix friends with business. I think she should have dropped it when Sutton was obviously uncomfortable.

Sutton does wind up hiring Adena for the shoot, and while Adena has a moment of not taking direction from Sutton, she adjusts, apologizes and listens to her. In the end, the photo shoot is a success, and Oliver is impressed.

Later, Adena tells Kat she saw her and Sutton arguing about her and while she loved being a part of the Scarlet crew for a minute, she doesn’t want to ever come between them.

The Bold Type - You're happiest when your friends are happy

I love good girlfriend modeling on TV.

Think about it. We have so few queer couples on TV to look to for examples of healthy relationships. The ones we have either have a lot of drama (Grey’s, L Word), break up (Sanvers) or have their shows cancelled (Sense8). When we’re young and having our first queer relationships, most of us are winging it and navigating the experience of being in a same sex relationship with zero guidance.

It’s important for us to see girlfriends being respectful and honest with each other, and The Bold Type does this really well.

The Originals – Season 5 Episode 9 “We Have Not Long to Love” [Live]

I’m going to apologize in advance for this recap. I get annoyed when people who obviously aren’t familiar with a show weigh-in, and I’m about to do that right now! I’ve only watched this season of The Originals for Freya and Keelin so I barely know what’s going on.

Keelin was in the Middle East for a couple years, and during that time, she and Freya only saw each other via Astral projection (I guess that’s a step up from Facetime). At the start of this season, Keelin finally came back to New Orleans and her and Freya’s reunion was cute for hot minute. In typical CW fashion they had to break up soon after. Freya has a case of the eternal “needing to choose between family and girlfriend” conflict, second only to the “I have to lie to you to protect you” trope.

I had a feeling the break up wouldn’t last because: 1) they BYG’d big time with The Vampire Diaries, and 2) this is the final season. My gut says #Freelin is going to be endgame.

After Keelin nearly dies, Freya pulls a big romantic gesture and proposes to her.

My favorite line was, “No more choosing between you and my family, because you are my family, Keelin.” I have picked up that Freya is always sacrificing her own life for her family, and I was glad to see her choose happiness this time.

What do you think, folks? Will we get a big queer New Orleans wedding? I hope so!

Sense8 – Season 2 Episode 12 “Amor Vincit Omnia” [Streaming]

My wife and I finally got a spare 2.5 hours to watch the Sense8 finale!

While it was confusing at times and a little cheesy at others, it was mostly the beautiful show I love so much. Sense8 is such a unique show, and I nominate Nomi and Amanita for healthiest, happiest queer TV relationship of all time.

I’m sad that we’re losing this amazing show with queer creators and quality queer representation. Hopefully the Wachowskis will go on to make more shows.

I’m not going to fully recap the finale because I want you all to watch it, but I will leave you with this cute #Nomanita moment.

GLOW season two drops on Friday the 29th on Nexflix, and this season there will be a queer female character! I am so here for it.

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