June 2018 Roundup: Farewell Sense8, Hello The Bold Type

June 2018 Roundup: Farewell Sense8, Hello The Bold Type

Rabbit Rabbit! It’s time to look back at our June 2018 roundup.

  • 39 shows added
  • 106 characters added
  • 6 characters died

Finale Farewells

June was incredibly bittersweet for us as we waved adieu to two shows.

Fostery Infomercials

First, we said goodbye to The Fosters. While Tracy and I do tend to malign the show for it’s obvious flaws, we poured some drinks and watched the three-episode infomercial for Beaches– Oh, wait, no, we watched the three-night finale of the weird and messy Adams Foster clan.

The show ended with Lena running for office, Brandon marrying a Republican’s daughter, Judicorn nearly failing out of school, and Callie and Mariana deciding to live together in LA to help be closer to Jude… This also sets up a spinoff called Good Trouble. The new show is named from Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) who has often urged people to get into ‘good trouble’ to help save democracy. Since Callie’s off to be a lawyer, this is likely to a political show.

We’ll tune in and check if there’s any queer. Probably Stef and Lena will show up, and if we’re lucky, Aaron.

Sense8ional Fan Serice

Oh Sense8, I miss you already. Lana Wachowski hit a home-run with the finale of that wonderful show. It was absolutely fan service, and while I do think there was some mythos that could have been left out, they said the ending was “For the Fans” and they absolutely meant it.

I don’t know if there’s anything to say that I haven’t already. I just miss it and I probably will for a while.

Welcome Back Ladies

At the same time, two shows we like a lot are back. The Bold Type charged out of the gate strong. Kadena is clearly a focal point of the season, as is Kat’s race. The latter was something I’ve talked about with a lot of people, and it’s nice to see it being addressed. I personally was a little worried about the show, knowing the show’s creator left. Thankfully all my fears were unfounded.

June ended with season two of GLOW dropping. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but yes, we get a lesbian wrestler. Finally. And she’s a hoot. It’s only 10 episodes, and they’re 30 minutes, so you can blow an afternoon watching the gorgeous ladies of wrestling. I felt like the second season improved greatly on the already fun season one. The pacing of the story was better, and it was a tight season.

Sliding in More Stats

We’ve slipped in some stats improvements while we’re at it. Percentage calculations are better, but we’ve also added in a new measurement for death. You can now look at how deadly a station or nation is. Which means I can tell you that Telemundo killed off 100% of their queers.

Screenshot of stations with dead characters and their percentages

But I can also show you how NBC has the most deaths overall of any TV network.

Example of some stations with dead characters in a barchart

And finally, after a comment from Harold They’re Lesbians about percentages and a certain show with a 70.95 (that .05 was driving them mad), I rewrote the code that outputs the show score averages, high, and low, and I re-ran the score calculation on everyone. Guess what?

No one has a score of 0 anymore! Which is really okay. It should be a lot harder to get a 0. Just like getting a 100 should be incredibly difficult, you should be a show that really really sucks to get that 0.

Check out the new stats pages:

Summer Break Continues

It doesn’t really feel like a break if you ask me, but technically it is. Elementary is going strong and there are some shows across the pond to look forward too.

Stay tuned.

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