March 2018 Roundup

March 2018 Roundup

It’s rained a lot in March, at least here in SoCal. Tracy’s been getting thunder snow. That Groundhog really did a number on us all.

  • 22 shows added
  • 89 characters added
  • 1 character died

You may notice the lack of queer deaths in March. Yeah, us too. It’s sort of scary, to be honest.

TV is “Back”

The Olympics are over and … wait … What’s March Madness? Seriously? We’ve got another month of sports? Ugh! The Olympics were on NBC, and pretty much everyone pauses for that. But only CBS puts its TV on hold for March Madness.

Shows that came back or started include:

  • Jessica Jones – lesbian Jeri Hogarth has a meatier role this season.
  • Good Girls – a bunch of moms rob a store, and one of them has a queer kid
  • RiseTed Mosbey an english teacher takes over a theater department, which includes a trans masculine student
  • Siren – Angry fish ladies vs a town. Nothing queer yet, but it’s Freeform so hedge your bets.


You know what’s missing from that list? Heathers. After the school shootings in Florida, Paramount opted not to air the pilot. They’ve also removed the sneak peek from their website. I don’t know if that was planed anyway, but it seems odd.

I did watch it, and I was not impressed. I don’t know that there will ever be a good time for that reboot, or even if we needed one. It’s absolutely a case of punching down, and not something I recommend.

Renewed at Last!

Thank you thank you, One Day at a Time got renewed. I have on good authority this was because of fan noise. In other words, everyone’s tweets and posts and petitions are why we get another summer (January) of Alvarezes. Tracy and I are already planning for her to come out and stay with me for a few days and see at least one episode being taped. Fingers crossed!


I went to WonderCon! As Press! I got over my abject fear of that around day two when I made some connections with amazing people. By day three, I had my feet on the ground and knew where I was going with all this. Next year I need to do more interviews. It’s hard to figure out ahead of time which shows I should do that with, since our focus is so small.

Best moments? I can’t pick one. I enjoyed it all, especially meeting people and talking to them about what they liked about TV or didn’t.

Better Show Sorting

In the ongoing effort to make sure you can find yourself on television, we’ve improved the show listing page to include a toggle for on-air. That’s right, if you want to watch a medical drama on TV without death or trigger warnings, you can now fine tune your list to do just that. Whew.

Coming Soon …

Tracy is off to ClexaCon! If you go, say hi to her. She’s the photographer in the giant toaster logo shirt.

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