Netflix March Madness Face-Off

Netflix March Madness Face-Off

As the sporty half of LezWatchTV, it falls on me to attempt a March Madness-esque throw down for Netflix shows.

The joke’s on me! I’m a baseball fan, not basketball, so this whole bracketing thing is lost on me. However I do know how the game is played. It’s a winner takes all match up, where you pick your favourite and get down to the final four. So thanks to Netflix, here are ours:Netflix Bracket of all their shows

More or less, Tracy and I agree on the final four of Santa Clarita DietSense8One Day at a Time, and Everything Sucks.

And then the murders began.

Tracy: For me ODaaT would knock out SCD. SCD is cute, but not amazing. Then Sense8 would knock out Everything Sucks, then Sense8 would win.

Mika: [string of unprintable swear words]

In my heart, I’d be ODaaT all the way:

Elena attacking schneider while screaming

But Sense8 has backup:

Sense8 - clusters with backup

So while Tracy and I have an epic throw down, who do you think would win: Sense8 or One Day at a Time?

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