The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – April 8, 2019

Queerest Things - Avalance Tango

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, even though things are rocky for our favorite time-traveling girlfriends, we are treated to an Avalance Tango on Legends of Tomorrow, and we learn why Rose gave Michael amnesia on Jane the Virgin.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Legends of Tomorrow – Season 4 Episode 9 “Lucha de Apuestas” [Live]

It felt like the Legends mid-season hiatus had taken an eternity to end, but here we are! I was so excited for Avalance and my favorite group of time-traveling heroes to be on my TV again.

The episode opens exactly where we left off. Ava and Sara are delivering the evil puppet to Time Bureau headquarters, and when they arrive, Ava is yelled at by Nate’s dad for not being at work while Mona let out the Kaupe. Serious Ava is angry at herself for running around with the Legends instead of keeping things in line at the Bureau.

Legends of Tomorrow Avalance Tango - Gallivanting like a Legend

Sara is going to fix everything for her girlfriend and that is really cute. But at this point, I was already getting a bad feeling about Ava and Sara. I just knew they weren’t going to get along this episode.

Sara and the Legends manage to capture Mona right before she time couriers Konane away. In captivity, Mona swears there were Men in Black who took Konane, and she was not the one who let him go. The security footage with her on it must have been altered.

Sara doesn’t believe her, but Zari thinks she may be on to a cover-up going on at the Bureau. Sara sends Zari to the Bureau to investigate while the rest of the Legends go to Mexico City to find Konane.

Zari discovers the video footage was edited by Nate’s dad, Hank. Mona was telling the truth; there is something sinister going on at the Time Bureau and Hank is a part of it. Now Sara is in a pickle because when Ava holograms onto the Waverider, she needs to explain why she has both Mona and the Kaupe in custody and didn’t tell her yet.

Legends of Tomorrow Avalance Tango - Don't you dare hang up on me

Uh oh, things are not good in Girlfriendland.

Sara gets dressed up and goes to the Time Bureau Gala so she can talk to Ava in person and explain what’s going on. She amazingly does this via a Tango.

Even though that Avalance Tango scene was great, the conversation didn’t go well. Ava just wants Sara to turn the Kaupe in, and Sara is not willing to do that.

Ava assembles an extraction team to get the Kaupe and put a stop to the Legends’ current mission in Mexico, but she is unsuccessful. Ava is understandably hurt by this whole situation.

Legends of Tomorrow Avalance Tango - Congratulations Sara

At the end of the episode, Sara visits Ava with a container of snickerdoodles to try and resolve their conflict.

This scene was so well written it felt like a real fight. However, the part I didn’t like was the “I’m done” at the end. I’m done sounds like a breakup, not a fight, and I am so tired of TV couples endlessly breaking up and getting back together. I want at least one TV couple I can enjoy without the stress of breakup roller coaster.

I’m confident they will patch things up, but please, let’s not spend too many episodes on conflict. We have so few happy queer couples on TV I want to enjoy them not being a constant state of conflict.

Good Trouble – Season 1 Episode 13 “Vitamin C” [Live]

Here we are, folks! It’s the day of the big Sumi/Meera wedding. Alice is busy with wedding prep when her parents make a surprise drop-by with an engagement present for Sumi. In a panic, Alice makes up lies about Sumi being out of town. When Joey walks up Alice brings her into the lie as well.

Good Trouble - This is Joanna

Run, Joey, run now!

The lies keep going deeper when Sumi is almost exposed as the bride.

Good Trouble - The bride Meera

Finally, almost halfway through the episode, the “will they or wont they” moment arrives. For those of you who bet on Sumi calling off the wedding, you won! She did it over text.

Good Trouble - Sumi called off the wedding

I know Sumi and Meera were destined to break up, but hope this is not the last we see of Briana Venskus. I’ve enjoyed seeing her on this show so much.

Later we see Sumi in a wedding scene, but I felt sure it was a fantasy sequence.

Whew, the wedding wasn’t real AND Alice finally made things clear with Alice. She doesn’t love her in a girlfriend way anymore and doesn’t want to get back together. Let’s hope this sticks.

Speaking of not wanting to be girlfriends anymore, Joey finally has a talk with Alice.

I thought this was such a great commentary on passing vs. not, and it’s something we never see on TV. Thank you for that, Good Trouble writers.

I guess getting dumped is what finally pushes Alice to come out to her parents. That night she calls them up to talk to them.

The sentiment of this scene is really nice, but completely unrealistic. I do think Asian moms have a mind-reading ability to figure out the secrets you’re keeping from them (my mom did this which pushed me to come out to her), but they would not be that loving and sweet after. Words like that would never come out of my mom’s mouth even if it was about a straight relationship. She doesn’t even have the basics like “I love you” down.

Still, it was a cute resolution to Alice’s season one story, and I’m looking forward to her post-out self in season two!

Jane the Virgin Mrs.? – Season 5 Episode 2 “Chapter Eighty-Three” [Live]

There wasn’t any Petramos this week, but we did have some Roisa!

Rafael and Luisa want to find out why Rose faked Michael’s death, gave him amnesia, and dumped him in the middle of Montana. However, she will only tell them if Luisa visits Rose in prison.

Raf and Luisa are at the station getting prepped by Michael’s former detective partner Dennis, and Luisa assures him she’s up for visiting Rose.

“Never has the same face” made me laugh.

During the visit, Raf tries to handle it himself with Luisa in the shadows, but Rose gets under his skin. and Luisa needs to take over.

“I had my Eileen face on…” only this show could work that into a sentence. Rose says she did it for her and Luisa, okay, but what is that number about?

Raf drives Luisa to a condo under a false name where she will be safe. As soon as someone declares something as “safe” on this show, you know it’s completely unsafe.

Later, Luisa gets a knock at her door from her neighbor Bobby. But it’s not actually a neighbor, it’s a member of the mysterious gang Rose assembled.

Jane the Virgin - I love pie

Oh man, what is his assignment? Is the pie drugged? What is going to happen? We’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out.

This week I will be at ClexaCon! If you see me please say “hi!” And come check out two panels I will be on.

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