Queer Beats – April 5, 2019

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, Atypical geared up for season 3, our favorite Canadians celebrated together, and so much good spring TV got so much closer to returning!

The 100

I know most of us (including me) quit this show a long time ago but I think this trailer is worth a watch just because of how cute and gay all the women look.


What’s better than one canary? THREE canaries!


Oh, wonderful readers, I wish I could fully express how much I love and miss this show. It was such a joy to see them back on set this week!


Thankfully, Brigitte was not the only one back on set. Fivel is back, too!


Keep the behind-the-scenes Batwoman content coming!

I wish I had more information on where the below image came from but all I have to say is that she looks like a perfect Alice.

Black Lightning

This week in things-we-already-knew, Nafessa Williams is painfully cute:

The Bold Type

Can you hear me sighing through the computer screen? Because I am definitely sighing. I was very happy to see Nikohl at this Freeform event but we unfortunately did not get pictures of her with Aisha.

But if you want to read highlights of Aisha’s interview below, check out this whole Twitter thread!


Boomerang gets a season two! Hooray!


The lovely and polite Canadian Screen Awards happened this weekend! Which means we got a lot of lovely Natasha/Elise content:

I hope the announcer was just as excited as I was about their outfits.

And, finally, one of my favorite crossovers!


Can Charmed stop adding cute queer characters? Because my heart can’t handle it. (Just kidding, please never stop).

Good Trouble

Ashly Perez wrote an episode of Good Trouble and we got cute on-set pictures!

Killing Eve

Alert: Killing Eve is back this week! ALERT! The show celebrated with a premiere event that gave us lots of good, cute content:

This article title is rude but I love them anyway:

Legends of Tomorrow

I can’t believe we survived the LoT hiatus! We made it! And sadly ran right into an Avalance fight! Did anyone else get Cophine vibes from their fight, though? Just me?

One Day at a Time

This week, we learned that everyone is still working hard to #SaveODAAT but Netflix is ruining everything.

Queen Sugar

Queen Sugar was honored at the Image Awards and all our faves (read: Rutina Wesley and Bianca Lawson) were looking beautiful.


I am being very patient but this picture is making the wait for season 5 nearly impossible.

Wynonna Earp

Our best baby, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, won the Canadian Screen Awards’ Audience Award! A major win for the WE fandom! Of course, she did the most Dom thing and invited Kat on stage with her.

Then, they proceeded to be cute together:

And Dom continued to be cute on her own:

Also, we now have pictures of WayHaught as princesses and it’s honestly something I never thought I needed but that I will cherish forever.

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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