The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – January 6, 2020

Queerest Things - Alice Nat and Gigi

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Alice, Nat and Gigi try to settle into their new relationship on The L Word Generation Q, and, oops, Debbie is an accidental prostitute on Shameless.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Shameless – Season 10 Episode 8 “Debbie Might Be a Prostitute” [Catch Up]

Yes, I’m still watching this show even though it’s so ridiculous and bad.

Debbie’s been doing this thing where she gets dressed up in fancy clothes and sits at a fancy hotel bar. One time while doing that she hooked up a lady named Claudia, and after they were done, she left Debbie an envelope full of money. Oops, she thought Debbie was a prostitute.

Shameless - She thinks you're a prostitute

Only Shameless can give us an accidental prostitute storyline.

Debs goes back to the hotel to let Claudia know she’s not a prostitute and she actually liked her.

Shameless - I'm not a prostitute

Claudia apologizes for the mix-up and tells her she likes her, too.

Looks like Debbie has a sugar mama! Who knows where this show will take this.

Almost Family – Season 1 Episode 9 “Rehabilitated AF” [Live]

Since confessing her relationship with Amanda to Tim, Edie has been having sleepovers at Amanda’s house, but sneaking out before Enzo wakes up.

I loved getting our first glimpse of Amanda without her glasses in this way.

Right before Edie leaves, Amanda tells her “15 years is as low as she’ll go.” This is not the stellar separation of work and personal Amanda agreed to earlier in the season, but here we are.

To continue the inappropriateness of the situation, Edie goes into negotiations with a plea offer equalling Amanda’s demand which took Tim by surprise. This is not good, y’all. The relationship alone is really dangerous to both of their careers, and they should not be making bedroom deals.

Edie is tired of sleeping on Julia’s couch the nights she’s not at Amanda’s, so she puts in a request for a relationship upgrade.

I love them very much, but this move feels too fast.

Edie performs her next queer female right of passage and meets Amanda’s ex-wife, Margaret. Margaret agrees with me and thinks they’re moving too quickly as well.

Almost Family - You're letting her Uhaul you

I’ll let Victoria Cartagena comment on this one.

Margaret takes a page from Maggie Sawyer’s Book of Dating Newly Out Women, and suggests she let Edie explore first before settling down. Amanda ignores her advice, but I do love how they seem to have a good ex-wife relationship.

Things at work have been going terribly as Edie and Tim try to fake being in a relationship for their boss and the case. Leon makes a nighttime visit to the firm while Tim is up drinking brown liquor in his office, and Tim spills the beans on the situation with him, Edie and Amanda.

With this new knowledge, Leon fires Edie from the case.

Almost Family - Tim told me

Edie tries to change Leon’s mind, but it’s already done.

When Edie shows up at Amanda’s apartment with her luggage, she tells her she’s been dropped from the case, but not why. Edie’s upset, but glad she has Amanda to help her through it.

Almost Family - Just one more suitcase

Uh oh, I see the glimmer of a “did I make a Uhaul mistake” look on Amanda’s face. I hope this mini move-in works out for them.

The L Word generation Q – Season 1 Episode 5 “Labels” [Live]

Let’s see what the L Word peeps are up to this week.


We see Shane and Quiara waking up in Shane’s bed the morning after her birthday party. They look like they’re getting along great until Quiara drops this bomb.

The L Word Gen Q - I'm pregnant

She tells Shane she got donor inseminated. She’s not asking her to be a parent, but she does want to be with her.

Unless Quiara builds a fortress of nannies around the kid, there’s no way that will work. Plus Shane is good with kids and has a kind heart, she will wind up being a parent of some kind if they stay married.

Later, when Shane drops by Dana’s she scolds Tess for missing a liquor delivery even though the place is still swimming in booze from her party the night before.

The L Word Gen Q - Can I trust you to run this place?

Fair, Shane, you shouldn’t be giving Tess a hard time about trust.

Thankfully, Shane apologizes, but still, it must suck to clean up after the big party for your boss who caused your relationship to end.

Later Shane is at home when she hears a knock on the door. She thinks it’s Finley losing her keys again, but it’s Quiara. With a gift bottle of whiskey in hand, Quiara makes another plea for them to stay together.

The L Word Gen Q - I just want you

Shane doesn’t give her an answer, but does she ask her to go to the closing night of Angie’s school play with her. For now, that is the level of commitment Shane is up for.

Alice, Nat and Gigi

The morning after Shane’s party is a little rough for our brand new poly triad.

The L Word Gen Q Alice Nat and Gigi - How are you

Y’all, I am all for this storyline. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but I love drama in my drama and this is top shelf.

Of course, the kids start calling for them, and there’s a comedic scramble to get clothes on and make an entrance plan for Gigi who is supposed to pick the kids up in 5 minutes. Alice even finds a stray piece of cake from the party amid the chaos.

Gigi seems good, Alice had a great time, but Nat is not fine.

The L Word Gen Q  Alice Nat and Gigi - Okay, we need to talk about last night

Later Gigi comes back, and they all process what happened. Nat is upset that even though Gigi hurt her 2 years ago she still gets to hang around them. Nat is not over her pain from their breakup, but she still has feelings for Gigi. Gigi tells her she doesn’t want to do anything to mess with her happiness with Alice and goes to leave, but Nat tells her to stay.

The L Word Gen Q  Alice Nat and Gigi - I'm good if you're good

It looks like a throuple peace treaty has been established. But, now they need to navigate how this three-person relationship is going to work.

They talk through things like swim meets, to be out or not and stuff like red carpets.

The L Word Gen Q  Alice Nat and Gigi - Red carpets

For now, they decide to hang out and have Thai food (without almonds).

Alice, Nat and Gigi all go to see Angie’s play, and the seating arrangements are as awkward as you can imagine.

During the performance, Alice makes an effort to have Gigi feel included.

The L Word Gen Q  Alice Nat and Gigi - Alice Nat and Gigi

Bette makes a face that says, “weird, but okay, cool,” and Shane looks dismayed.

I really really hope this relationship works out for Alice, Nat and Gigi. It would be great to have a healthy poly rep on TV. But this is a drama, so I don’t think it’ll be all smooth sailing for them.


Finley wakes up passed out on Dana’s Bar office couch the morning after Shane’s party.

The L Word Gen Q Alice Nat and Gigi - Hey

That couch sees action of all kinds.

Tess is struggling with sobriety after finding out about Lena having sex with Shane, and her sponsor suggests focusing on helping someone else. Hot mess Finley on the couch looks like the perfect person to give help to!

Tess takes her to the best hangover breakfast place in town and lets Finley know she’s been sober for 2 years. Finley doesn’t react as negatively as she did to Rebecca when she found out she was a priest, but she you can tell she’s taken aback. She explains that she doesn’t want to feel bad things and that’s why she drinks.

Later, Finley does an apology tour at Rebecca’s house, but it’s too late. Rebecca thinks they are not in the same place in life and Finley needs to deal with her shit before she can be in a relationship.

The L Word Gen Q Alice Nat and Gigi - You have deep wounds

I thought Rebecca was being really condescending here, but she’s right. Rebecca and Finley are not in a good place to be together right now.

Finley calls her dad to talk and is surprised by him being at her sister’s engagement party. Finley didn’t even know she was engaged.

The L Word Gen Q Alice Nat and Gigi - Finley calls her dad

I was really surprised by the call. I thought Finley was estranged from her entire family, but I guess she is still friendly with her dad. It’s her mom and sister who have shut her out.

Finley shows up to help out at the bar since Lena is MIA and Tess pours them shots.

The L Word Gen Q Alice Nat and Gigi - Are you gonna drink that

Oh, no! I’m always upset by Falling Off The Wagon storylines. I also love Jamie Clayton and don’t want to see her hurt.

At the end of the night, Tess and Finley are playing a sloppy drunk game of “Never have I ever” on the couch in Shane’s office. Don’t sit on Shane’s office couch! It’s the sex vortex of the entire city of LA. The couch works its inevitable magic and they hook up.

The L Word Gen Q - Tess and Finley kiss

Oh, goodness. I really hope Tess doesn’t go down a booze hole with Finley. If she does I hope it only lasts for an episode.

Dani and Sophie

Over at Dani, Sophie and Micah’s house, a box of delicious treats shows up at their door along with something else.

The L Word Gen Q - It's a prenup

Did Dani’s dad think the treats would be enough to distract them from that asshole move?

Sophie’s sister Maribel is an attorney and takes a look at the document. She discovers a clause saying only biological children of Dani will be part of Dani’s family’s opioid dynasty. The biological children of Sophie will not.

Is this legal? When they second-parent adopt their children, they will both be their legal parents. I guess you can put anything you want in a prenup though. Dani is furious, and she and Sophie speed off to her father’s corporate headquarters.

Dani confronts her father and he says some shitty and homophobic things.

The L Word Gen Q - There's not going to be a prenup

I LOVED seeing Dani stand up to her father. She was totally Bette Jr. in that scene.

On the drive home, Sophie tells her she’s grateful for Dani telling her dad off, but she wants her to process her feelings further. When Dani says she doesn’t want to right this moment, she pushes her.

The L Word Gen Q - I need to be alone

JFC, Sophie, give her some space. She just said “fuck you” to her father for the first time in her life, give her a minute to process this on her own!

That really bothered me. People are different, some like to talk everything out the minute it happens (me), and others need to sit alone for a while and think about it first (my wife). This is not a sign of a relationship deficiency, but not respecting each other’s process is.

Dani goes into the office that night, but Bette is there working late too. Bette can see mini Bette is upset and lets her fall apart.

The L Word Gen Q - Just breathe

I love Bette and Dani’s dynamic. Maybe Bette can give Dani some advice because her dad was also not accepting of her. Either way, I hope Sophie chills out, and they can go into the wedding on smoother ground.

Bette Fucking Porter

Bette has a secret meetup with Felicity to break up with her.

The L Word Gen Q - We need to end this

Felicity protests, but Bette has made up her mind.

That night at the closing night of Angie’s play, Felicity’s ex-husband again shows up to yell at Bette from a crowd. This time he shoves Angie and Bette Porter is not going to put up with that.

The L Word Gen Q - Hey Bette Porter, I need to talk to you

The episode ends with dude on the ground, Bette calling 911, and everyone in the crowd shooting video on their phones. This does not look good for the campaign.

This week Stumptown is back and so is our favorite disaster bisexual private investigator.

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