The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – April 13, 2020

Queerest Things - Tommy and Kiley

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Scylla covers her tracks on Motherland: Fort Salem, Lorraine causes drama on Twenties and Tommy and Kiley have a couple of dates on Tommy.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Motherland: Fort Salem – Season 1 Episode 4 “Hail Beltane” [Live]

In this episode of Motherland, Scylla has to deal with the aftermath of putting a spell on her ex-boyfriend that caused him to commit suicide. It’s complicated further by the fact that Raelle was the one who found him and is having visions of his last visit with Scylla. When Raelle asks Scylla if she saw Porter the night before he died she flat out lies.

“Let’s put him behind us” is just a spin on “stop asking questions.” This is not a good look, Scylla.

More bad news for Scylla: the Necros are going to perform a ceremony during the Beltane festival to find out Porter’s last moments while he was alive.

Motherland Fort Salem - Discover the last things he saw and heard

Raelle continues to have visions of Porter talking to Scylla. She knocks on her door to talk to her about it, but Scylla is busy putting a spell on the thermostat in the room where they’re keeping Porter on ice. She’s trying whatever she can to keep Porter quiet.

Meanwhile, “The Beltane festival part two: All the straight witches have sex with each other for Witch Army reasons” is happening. Raelle is obliged to go to the party anyway and makes a friend.

Motherland Fort Salem - Can you not sense my I'm not interested in guys vibes

Cute, Raelle made a gay friend.

Raelle and her new gay best friend, Byron, are hanging out while everyone else is doin’ it loudly all around them. She asks him about love and what if you loved someone and they did something really wrong. He tells her if they’re worth it you fight for them. I wonder if he would say the same thing if he knew she was talking about the person who killed his friend Porter.

At the Necro communicating with dead Porter ceremony, they ask him if the Spree did this to him and he says no. When they ask him why he killed himself he says, “I was filled with an unbearable sadness.” the exact spell Scylla put on him. Scylla is off the hook.

The next day Raelle and Scylla talk and Scylla tells her she’s ready to tell her the “truth” but it’s not the entire truth. She admits to seeing Porter that night, but then makes up a story about him wanting to get back together and then blaming her secrecy on attachment issues because she’s a Dodger. Her story works on Raelle though because she’s more dedicated than ever to her.

I love queer love. I love all the words coming out of their mouths, but I know there is something sinister happening. The queer fan in me wants this to be real in the end. Like Scylla is some kind of double agent or she has a change of heart, but I know I am desperation hoping.

That night, Scylla comes home and is happily surprised to find who she thinks is Raelle there waiting for her. That was not the case.

I guess Scylla must be into Raelle to some degree, because she’s not luring her to them as instructed. The message has been made clear to fall in line. We’ll see what happens at the wedding this week.

Twenties – Season 1 Episode 7 “What Would Todd Do” [Live]

Not much progress has been made in Hattie’s love life. Things are still weirdly inappropriate with her boss and Lorraine is still playing games.

I got excited when Hattie started talking to the cute sever, Idina, at the cafe she sits at to write her screenplays. Idina asks her what she’s writing about. And Hattie says, “love.” They get into a whole conversation about types of love and Hattie admits her love interest would be like vintage Earth Kitt.

Of course, Lorraine has to come in and mess things up for my favorite new ship of 5 minutes. I thought Hattie and Lorraine were going to be a fun on-again/off-again relationship, but Lorraine has revealed herself to be a drama-stirring game player. I am not into it.

I was really into this episode in general though. Hattie, Marie and Nia made up a fictitious guy named “Todd” (like the dude version of “Karen”). Todd’s the mediocre straight cis white guy who walks into every room like he owns it. All three of them spend a day thinking ‘What would Todd do?” and move through the world with brazen confidence. I love this show.

Tommy – Season 1 Episode 8 “The Swatting Game” [Live]

Hey! Tommy took some time out of her busy day saving LA for a booty call!

I’m still not into super into Tommy and Kiley, but good for her!

After an entire episode of saving everything like usual, Tommy had a second date with Kiley. In her charmingly snarky way, Tommy admitted to liking her.

Tommy and Kiley - Least complicated so far

She also got home sick when Kiley mentioned New York and told Tommy she’d give it a kiss for her.

Tommy and Kiley -Was that for me or New York

I guess Kiley will be sticking around. I’m good with that if she makes Tommy happy.

This week: What week is this? What is time anymore? All I know is I’ll be watching queer TV and writing about it next week. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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