The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – August 3, 2020

Queerest Things - The Umbrella Academy season two

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, I finally sad-watch Vagrant Queen, binge-watch The Umbrella Academy season two and relive my Jr. High crush dreams with The Go-Go’s documentary.

Vagrant Queen – Season 1 Episode 9 “All Old Things Must Pass — Part 1” [Binge-watch]

My wife and I started going back to our office (we had work done on it while it was empty). It’s just the two of us, and I am thrilled to be back because it means I can resume my regular TV-watching schedule! I do a lot of my TV-watching at work because I can code and watch TV at the same time. Best job ever.

I had fallen so far behind and one of the first shows I chose to watch was Vagrant Queen because I saw so many people fanpersoning out over it. I went in knowing it was already canceled, well aware it may be a sad-watch.

Vagrant Queen is funny, campy and so much fun. Elida, the main character is amazing. She’s fierce, witty and has the dreamiest eyes. Amae is her spaceship pilot love interest and the two of them have great chemistry. I’m not a fan of slow burns — I would rather get to the getting together part sooner and have more actual relationship screen time. However, the slow burn on this show is so entertainingly obvious it’s a delight. I loved every moment of innuendo and near-kiss leading up to their first actual kiss in the second to last episode.

I loved the “covered in crap” comment to keep things from getting too cheesy.

I also enjoyed Tim Rozon as Isaac. He is pretty serious as Doc Holliday on Wynonna Earp, and seeing him play a less intense, funny character was refreshing.

It was a fun watch, but also sad because I knew this season was it. If you love Sci-fi comedies and cute wlw ships, give it a go. But you may want to skip if the heartbreak of ending on a never-to-be-resolved cliffhanger is too much.

The Umbrella Academy – Season 2 Episode 4 “The Majestic 12” [Streaming]

Last week in the LezWatchTV Editors Slack channel (the channel for everyone who enters data into the site) there was a lot of “not it!” for The Umbrella Academy season two. My wife and I made it through season one and found it to be a little boring, but liked it okay, so I volunteered ourselves for the task.

I know it’s biased, but it feels weird to watch Ellen Page play straight and her season one love interest was the bad guy which made her already depressed character even more painful. Well, that’s nothing a little case of amnesia can’t fix!

The siblings are all thrown back to the 60s and Vanya (Ellen Page’s character) lost her memory, so she doesn’t know how depressed and isolated she was. It was like watching a completely different character now in control of her powers. She also has an affair with a lonely Dallas housewife who is in an unhappy marriage.

In my opinion, The Umbrella Academy season two was so much better than season one. It was totally engaging and its use of music is phenomenal. Last year getting through the season was a chore, this time we had to hold back from binging too many episodes in a row. A few folks in the Editors channel thought so too and a wound up watching it over the weekend.

The Go-Go’s – Documentary [Streaming]

When I was in Jr. High I would rent this Go-Go’s VHS tape from the video store over and over again. When the video store went out of business, I even bought it from them.

GoGo's Prime Time VHS video

I didn’t know it consciously at the time, but I was completely in love with Gina Schock.

My 13-year-old mind I was like, “She plays the drums and I play the drums so I really admire her.” Now looking back I know exactly what was going on. She was my biggest Jr. High crush and I still love her to this day.

I especially loved this video for Turn to You where they are all in drag and Belinda Carlisle (in drag) almost-kisses Jane Wieldin! That definitely gave me feelings I didn’t understand back then.

Showtime just came out with a Go-Go’s documentary and I watched it yesterday.

When it got to the part where Gina joined the band all of those Jr. High feelings came back, and WOW, I was knocked over when Gina revealed this little fact.

Learning Gina and Jane were girlfriends for a moment was like finding out the character you were in love with and always thought was queer being made canon 40 years later!

The documentary was great. I loved learning about all the Behind the Music drama. If you are a fan, I highly recommend watching it.

This week: It’s about time I start recapping Wynonna Earp! I will get on that for next week.

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