The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – April 27, 2020

Queerest Things - Vida season three premiere

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Tommy is in hot water with girlfriend problems on Tommy and the Vida season three premiere gives us the Emico content we deserve.

Tommy – Season 1 Episode 10 “Packing Heat” [Live]

Tommy may be good at solving all of LA’s crime problems, but she’s not so great at managing the conflicts in her personal life.

The episode started out innocently enough, Tommy has Kiley over for dinner at her daughter Kate’s house so they could meet. Kate even remarked on liking seeing her mom happy with someone.

Tommy - You look happy

Extremely subtle levels of happy.

During dinner, a news story came up about Jovani Perez, a teenage rising baseball start who got arrested for illegal gun possession while stopping a robbery. Tommy doesn’t want to see the kid go to jail on a technicality while doing a good deed. But her opponents want the kid to be punished for illegally carrying an unregistered gun. Kiley is more interested in the baseball thing. She is a sports agent and keeping this kid out of jail and eventually representing him will earn her a piece of a multi-million dollar signing bonus.

Kiley even asks Tommy if she could arrange a meeting with Jovani. By-the-book Tommy is like, “Absolutely not.”

The menacing click an off-screen paparazzi’s camera — it often makes an appearance on our shows.

The next day, the photos and story come out in the tabloids: Tommy has a girlfriend and she’s delivering a future baseball star to her.

Tommy - It was posted this morning

This is exaggerated and not true, but now the news is out there and it’s as good as true.

Tommy talked to Kiley about it and encourages her to stay away from the kid. Kiley’s like, “Yeah, no.” It’s exactly her job to form supportive relationships with kids like this and she’s not going to stop doing her job because her girlfriend’s the Chief of police.

Tommy - I can't not do my job

This is not going to work out well for anyone.

With pressure from her team, Tommy puts out an official statement that she did not discuss the case with her Kiley. A few minutes later, a reporter confronts Kiley and gets her to say they did discuss it.

Tommy - She's saying we discussed it

Uh, oh. Tommy is in trouble.

Tommy and Kiley have a sneaky meeting in a parking garage and Tommy tells her they can’t be together if she is going to keep supporting the kid. This seemed like a logical conclusion, right? Tommy could lose her job if they stay together, and to be honest, they just met and the passion is not flaming hot. It would not be worth losing her entire career to stay together. Still, Kiley was all, “You’re doing this just as we were starting to get serious so I’m taking it super personally.” Kiley, if you cared so much about Tommy vs. your career you could stay away from Jovani. Just sayin’

At the end of the episode, the kid is cleared and everything is fine crime-wise, but the shit is about to hit the fan for Tommy.

Tommy - I have asked for an ethics inquiry

Great, the mayor initiated an ethics inquiry into the Tommy/Kiley thing. He has his own ethics issues to deal with too. Let’s see if Tommy can get herself out of this predicament.

Feel Good – Season 1 [Streaming]

My wife and I binged all 6 episodes of Feel Good season one on Netflix in a day. It’s a semi-autobiographical comedy that aired on British Channel 4 written by and starring Canadian comedian Mae Martin. Mae is an aspiring stand up comedian and recovering addict who moved to London from Toronto to start her life over. At one of her shows, she meets a woman named George, and they quickly start a relationship.

Up until now, George has identified as straight and is not out to her friends and family. This, plus the fact that Mae is still dealing with her personal issues leads to a lot of conflicts. I thought Mae was super cute, but she also got on my nerves. I think she was supposed to in an Abby from Work in Progress kind of way.

Overall, the show is engaging, funny and definitely worth the watch. Check out the trailer below and consider adding it to your pandemic binge list.

Vida – Season 3 Episode 1 “Episode 17” [Live]

I don’t need to tell you all for the bazillionth time how much I love this show. It’s one of my absolute favorites, and while I am so happy and excited for new episodes, the fact that it’s the third and final season breaks my heart.

The Vida season three premiere burst out of the gate with quality Emico content and continued with the engaging stories we’ve come to expect from Tanya Saracho.

I’m not going to recap every second of the show, because I want you all to go watch it, but here are some great lines from Lynn.

Vida season three premiere- Finger fiesta

“Finger Fiesta” made me laugh.

Vida season three premiere - What's that face?

It’s cute to see Emma and Nico so happy and filled with new relationship energy, but according to the interview I did with Roberta Colindrez things are not going to stay smooth sailing for long.

I’m glad they didn’t drop the entire season at once, because I would have watched it all by now if they did.

Watch the Vida season three premiere on the Starz App or DVR it from the Starz Network.

This week: Legends, One Day at a Time and Station 19 all have new episodes. Fingers crossed for queer content.

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  • Hi and ty for commenting on the Tommy Show. I am focused on this show , too much, at this time and I was wondering why you had doubts about Kiley from the start. What did you see in this character that I missed? Where was the flaw? Also, was Tommy just looking for a “booty call” with Kiley?. She could have satisfied that with the lady at the bar who offered her ( in a kind way) an invitation to spend the night. The way you view this show is clear cut to me and since I am looking at it as if I were in a fog your view is important. Since I know that it will take a short while longer before I flip the channel on this show, I thank you for your insight and allowing me to vent. With a sincere thank you, Marie

    • Of course, everyone sees things differently. I’m not trying to persuade anyone to not be a Tommy and Kiley shipper. If they make people happy, that’s great!

      Since you asked though, I just got bad vibes during that first date when her friends came by and afterward Tommy was like “we have no chemistry.” That’s how I felt too. But that’s just me.

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