The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – July 19, 2021

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On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, it’s a quickie recap week of shows with queer characters here and there like Josie and Finch on Legacies, AJ and Alexis on The Republic of Sarah and Fabiola and Eve on Never Have I Ever.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Legacies – Season 3 [Catch up]

I dropped off Legacies after Penelope left and Landon and Josie started dating because, boring, but while I wasn’t paying attention the show got queer again!

Josie left The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted to go to a regular human high school where she meets and falls for Finch Tarrayo. A classmate who, unbeknown to Josie at first, is a werewolf.

Josie tries to ask her out in grand romantic gesture style and fails.

The reason Finch turns her down is that she has another date with turning into a werewolf that night.

Of course Josie’s meddling twin, Lizzie, learns this info and works to keep them apart. It’s the classic CW plot formula — person “protects” loved one from finding out something, but eventually their lie is discovered.

Now, knowing Finch is a werewolf and ready to return to The Salvatore School, Josie tries again.

Success! Josie and Finch ended season 3 as official girlfriends.

Season 3 should be up on Netflix soon if you want to catch up. The show has also been renewed for season 4.

The Republic of Sarah – Season 1 [Live]

The premise for this show is fun — the town of Greylock, NH secedes from the US and becomes its own Nation to avoid being mined out of existence by an evil corporation.

In episode four, it’s revealed one of Sarah’s besties and Greylock police officer AJ Johnson is having an affair with Alexis Whitmore who is currently married to a pastor and former town mayor William Whitmore.

It’s quite the affair which leads to typical secret relationship drama.

In episode 5 Elise Bauman makes a guest appearance as a yoga person AJ’s friend tries to set her up with so she can date an out single person. It doesn’t work though. AJ just can’t quit Mrs. Whitmore.

I file this show under “Pleasant Summertime Stress-Free Watches.”

The Chi – Season 4 [Live]

The Chi stresses me out so much.

My favorite TV queer moms, Nina and Dre had a really bad Three’s Company mixup.

Jada (Emmett’s mom) shared her cancer diagnosis with Dre. Jada having cancer is devastating AND she makes Dre keep it a secret. Now Dre is sneaking around, texting Jada all the time and lying to Nina about where she’s been. Of course, Nina thinks Dre is having an affair with her.

I HATE TV misunderstandings like this. They always lead to something terrible, like the following.

Ugh! The really sad part is Nina didn’t confront Dre or ask her what’s going on BEFORE she picked up this random stranger.

I told my wife if you are ever suspicious of me having an affair, please use your words and ask me about it first before you go to a bar, meet a stranger then have sex with her.

Dre confesses everything soon after this happens and Nina feels like a horrible piece of shit. After an episode of Nina being eaten alive by guilt, she tells Dre what she’s done. That does not go well. I really hope they can get past this because I love them.

I also love Imani and Trig.

The Chi - Imani and Trig dancing

I love their little family.

I’m always scared one or both of them are going to die at any moment because they are involved with the Community Protection Program.

There are two episodes left in season 4! I hope our queer characters make it through okay.

Fear Street: Part One – 1994 [Streaming]

Fear Street Parts One-Three are officially movies and not in our database, but they are of interest to our audience.

They are a fun trilogy of horror movies that have a classic feel but also mess with the usual horror tropes. The primary character is Deena, a “Shadyside Lesbo” with a girlfriend who moved to the idyllic adjoining town of Sunnyvale.

If you like horror movies and queer teen dramas Fear Street (all of them) is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Never Have I Ever – Season 2 [Streaming]

Never Have I Ever season two dropped last week and my wife and I binged the whole thing. Even though Devi’s boyfriend triangle gets a little tedious, I enjoyed the season.

In season two, Devi’s lesbian bestie Fabiola adjusts to having an official girlfriend and a crash course in queer pop culture.

It’s kinda cute watching her try to figure queer stuff on her own.

Other milestones are Eve meeting Fabiola’s mom and running for Queen and Queen of the big school dance.

AND bonus — Jasmine Davis who plays Imani on The Chi plays a nurse at Devi’s mom’s medical practice.

Never Have I Ever - Nurse Tracey

I LOVE seeing her in a comedy role where I don’t have to worry about anything bad happening to her.

This week: Your favorite lesbian reporter of queer things on TV is having a birthday on Saturday and her wife is taking her on a week-long vacation! I’ll see y’all in two weeks.

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