Queer Beats – June 10, 2022

Queer Beats – June 10, 2022

Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news!

This week, we have some Queer Beats news. Nikki, who has been dutifully posting this column since 2018 is going to start an exciting new column (stay tuned!). So we decided to crowdsource Queer TV news from the awesome LezWatchTV Slack community! If you feel you have your finger on the pulse of fluffy queer TV news, JOIN US!

For All Mankind

Many many many spoilers are around, but the one we care about most is that Ellen, our fabulous (closeted) space gay will be running against Bill Clinton for president! Early reports say that the show finally picks up on LGBTQ+ plots, so fingers crossed the FAM-verse gets the first queer president.


Harley Quinn

While Batwoman is gone, and Ivy got her happy ending there (being on a special island with your cop girlfriend is happy, right?), Harley and Ivy are still together on HBO Max’s Harley Quinn. We don’t know when the show will be released, besides ‘this summer,’ but the hottest DC Bitches will be back.


A League of Their Own

Finally, baseball will be queer again! “A League of Their Own” the series will actually address the real queerness of the AAGPBL and, from the first clips, we can see women giving each other the ‘nod’ on the bases.  Sports and lesbians are like chocolate and peanut butter, and I (a maaaaasive baseball nerd who watches every game for her home team) is here for it.


Motherland: Fort Salem

We are NOT okay with this. The last season is coming soon (really soon) and we have so many unanswered questions. Will the witches save everything? I have no idea, but we’ll get Raellya back, and it looks like General Cheekbones Alder is going to be around.


Ms. Marvel

While the comics have a lesbian character, she has a whole coming out story. This means the first episode, which came out Wednesday, wasn’t overtly anything. That said the show has vibes from Scott Pilgrim when it comes to showing us the in-world fandom of the Avengers. It’s the perfect time for serious girl power.


Newly Out!

Is that a Queer Beats thing? :sweat_smile::joy::joy:


(Yes it is, Barbie.)

Steven Universe

Celebrate Pride with the Gem Creator, Rebecca Sugar! Now, who wants to sing Giant Woman with me?


Warrior Nun

Get your rosaries out, the warrior nuns are on their way, as is what they know that we know that they know that we wanted.



You all have seen the trailer for Westworld season three, right?

If you look closely, you can see a quick clip of Airana DeBose. According to co-creator Lisa Joy at an ATX Festival panel Delores is indeed dead but Evan Rachel Wood will play a new character. “Her name is Christina and she’s from a city that looks like New York. She lives there with her roommate played by Ariana DeBose who may or may not have a crush on Christina.”


Please please please please let there be some gay this season!


And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, now random.

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