The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – January 31, 2022

Queerest Things - Ryan and Sophie

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Ryan and Sophie inch closer to enemies-to-girlfriends and Pam and Renee make their exit on Batwoman.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Batwoman – Season 3 Episode 10 “Toxic” [Live]

Here’s where we’re at. Poison Ivy and Poison Mary have teamed up and they are too powerful to take down. Also, Pam is not really Mary’s new best friend, she is actually using her for her energy. Pam resumed her 10-years-ago plan of sabotaging the Gotham Dam to wipe the entire city off the map. I understand she thinks Gotham is the anti-environmental center of the universe, but wouldn’t sending the entire city into the greater waterways be polluting it in the end? It doesn’t sound like a well-thought-out plan.

Alice, who just lost her new best friend, drops in at Bat Cave III (the Gotham gay bar) to tell everyone they need to save Mary while acting like she doesn’t care. To save Mary they need to stop Pam and the only way to stop Pam is to use Renee.

Alice and Ryan grab Renee just as she is about to pick Pam up and head out of town.

Batwoman - You miss us?

I loved this scene with the 3 of them in the car together. It’s a delightfully entertaining combination of personalities.

They bring Renee back to the bar and chain her to a railing. The plan is to try to get her to flip on Pam again, but this time she won’t betray her. It’s not like their post-coma relationship is going great. I wouldn’t be so stubborn about keeping the relationship going after my GF killed 10 people and is now going to flood the city.

Anyway, Sophie shows up to help and it’s awk-ward.

“They were intimate.” made me laugh! The chemistry between these actors is just so good.

Suddenly, the Bat-signal is lit and Ryan goes off to see who’s summoning her. Sophie and Alice try to interrogate Renee while Luke monitors the police radio looking for signs of Mary. He’s also trying to solve the puzzle of why was Ryan so weird earlier.

Batwoman Ryan and Sophie - Hey, what was up with Ryan before?

With all of the Ryan and Sophie drama Luke has been present for, how on Earth does he not know what’s up by now?

While Luke ponders that mystery, he hears talk over the police scanner confirming Mary was found near the dam and is on the way in an ambulance to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ryan’s mom was the one who dialed up the Bat-signal. She has the Joker’s buzzer which she has learned may bring Marquis back to normal with another zap. Ryan demands Jada give her the buzzer and she agrees, but only if she delivers Marquis to her by midnight that night. Okay fine, Ryan gets the buzzer and speeds away to get Marquis. However, Luke calls and tells her Mary is in an ambulance and she needs to get her. Ryan pulls a u-turn and takes a chance on missing Jada’s deadline to get Mary.

However, she needs someone to drive the car and she picks Alice of all people.

I love how this show manages to progress the Ryan and Sophie storyline in and around all the supervillain drama happening.

They do manage to grab Mary from the ambulance and bring her back to the gay bar. Now we have the whole gang at Bat Cave III trying to bring Mary back to herself. Mary isn’t buying it, but there is still a part of real Mary in there. Her cause is access to healthcare and when she learns she killed someone as Poison Mary she starts to break. This has an effect on Renee too and she starts to spill about something that could take Pam down.

Renee explains she developed a Pheromone-blocker and if Mary takes it, the next time Pam draws energy from her it’ll backfire for her and in turn make Mary herself again. Renee maps out a plan, and it’s like the scene in Bound where it skips to the future of the plan playing out while they talk about it.

They head down to the Dam, the plan works, there is an awesome fight scene between Batwoman and Poison Ivy and Mary is back to herself again.

Later we see Pam and Renee on a cargo plane. Renee made a deal with Sophie to ship themselves off to Coryana to live with plants and the rest of the outlaws who reside there.

I thought it was a little odd Renee would be so committed to Pam who has been pretty shitty to her since coming out of her coma, that she would leave her job to live on a secluded island where they would probably spend their days fighting. But maybe she has hope they can find a cure on Coryana to make her Pam again. Either way, I am so sad Vicki and Bridget won’t be on the show anymore. Having them was such a treat.

Back at the bar, Ryan and Sophie have a moment.

I love Sophie’s snark at the end.

Ryan and Sophie’s moment is interrupted by Jada giving a news conference. Oops, Batwoman missed her deadline and now she is out to turn the city against her. Jada blames Batwoman on TV for all the supervillain weapons being scattered throughout the city. Meanwhile, a drop of water has also brought Marquis back to life. This is going to be a big mess this week.

And now I bring you Margx‘s chart of the week!

Batwoman - Margx's chart of the week

This week: My post has turned into “The Queerest Things I Saw on Batwoman Last Week” and I am okay with that.

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