Lesbians Returning: Person of Interest

Lesbians Returning: Person of Interest

On Monday, the fourth episode of Person of Interest‘s final seasons airs. If you’re not caught up, turn around.

Back in season four, the episode “If/Then/Else” aired and it was basically the single greatest episode in the history of ever. From confirmed lesbian attraction to The Machine running possible outcomes in a compressed mode, it was a masterwork. And it ended with Sameen Shaw ‘dying.’ The next few episodes involved everyone trying to find out if she was dead, especially Root who was quite in love with the woman. Never once did PoI downplay or dismiss this. Everyone understood the feelings Root had and were in support of her finding Shaw. After all, they too adored her.

Finally it was revealed that Shaw was alive and ‘well’ … if being tortured is well. In the year gap between seasons, we learned that Shaw would be back but also there would be a scene between her and Root that was exactly the kind of payoff people were hoping for.

“I saw episode 4 of Person of Interest [season 5] and had a lot of people tweeting me about the Root/Shaw scene. Specifically, a lot of people are asking how long the scene is. It is about 70 seconds long and about 67 of those seconds are torrid. Okay? And then we have pillow talk.” – Matt Mitovich

Which explains this:Animated GIF of Shaw ripping Root's shirt offHello.

To be honest, I’m looking forward to the pillow talk.

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