February 2017 Roundup

February 2017 Roundup

February is African American History month, and I spent a lot of it watching (or trying to watch) PoC queer TV. There isn’t enough of it, first of all, but I was distressed to find out how few PoC web series have decent web representation! They don’t have websites for the most part, relying on Facebook and word of mouth. That means when I added the shows in, I had to do a lot of guesswork for data, based on reviews and comments. Also I didn’t get to add as many as I’d hoped.

This month we added…

  • 13 New Shows
  • 48 New Characters

Confession: I’m Scared

It’s been two months and no one’s died. I’m started to get really scared at what fallout spring sweeps will being us. It doesn’t help that I’m a little betrayed over how Supergirl has become Supergirl+boy, and how little screen time a ‘Sanvers Centric’ episode netted us.

Site News

The biggest thing that happened is we went back and put in dates for deaths. Not just years. Dates. Sadly there are a few characters where we were unable to find the exact airdates of their death episodes. So if you happen to know the airdates for these character’s deaths, please leave a comment!

IMdB was very helpful for a lot of this. It was about as much fun as you think and it turned out we had quite a few people labeled on the wrong year. Usually we were off by one, since we’d flag a person as died in the year 2000 when they’d really died in 1999 (most TV seasons are over the course of two calendar years). One was off by four years though. Whoopsie.

We did all this for a reason that will be revealed on Friday.

Behind the Scenes…

Some nifty code things happened behind the scenes, to make loading data faster. This mostly mattered if you’re an aficionado of the stats pages. They now run better and faster, with a cleaner layout. It also was tweaked to let us pull up data in new ways. Eventually we’ll figure out how to get a way for you to download a spreadsheet with the data you want, so you too can write about how horrible it is to be a queer female on TV.

Uh. Yay?

Welcome Back, Tracy!

Now that Tracy isn’t busy running a business, managing her family, and organizing the biggest WordCamp in the country, she’s back. WordCamp US is done and she’s been posting about TV and cleaning up the data on the site. Yay!

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