Support Riley Parra Season 2 on Indiegogo

Support Riley Parra Season 2 on Indiegogo

It took three years to make season one, but tello Films did it.

Now they would like your help to make season 2!

The bane of queer TV is that it’s hard to get it made and funded. Even though tello Films is a full fledged production company, they actually don’t make enough on subscriptions to cover everything. And not for this show, which is heavy with special effects and stunts. They’re trying to raise $20k to fund this:

Season 1 was tello’s first foray into producing a sci-fi/fantasy/thriller and this genre is one of Director Christin Baker’s favorite, and so we want to do it the right way.  That means that we have to go a little bit out of our budget range.  We actually didn’t have quite enough funds to do the special effects.  We feel our story, acting and lighting are AMAZING but we don’t have the funds for great special effects.  That’s why our goal is higher and we have even more awesome Guest Stars!

Guest stars like Marina Sirtis. Excuse me, tween Mika is screaming internally with delight.

You can donate via their IndieGoGo campaign:

(PS: If you donate a custom account, you can do it without receiving any perks, which actually saves them money!)

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