Preview on Tonight’s “The Bold Type” – The Domino Effect

Preview on Tonight’s “The Bold Type” – The Domino Effect

My dearest darlings. I know we’ve all been worried about Kat and her sex dream with Leila. This will return in tonight’s The Bold Type – The Domino Effect, so let’s talk about what this means and where we’re going.

Jane is thrilled when her sexual assault article for Scarlet is nominated for a prestigious journalism award. Determined to prove herself to Jacqueline, Jane jumps at the chance to write a follow-up piece, until the story takes an unexpected turn. Kat struggles with whether to tell Adena a secret and Sutton is given a challenging assignment – styling Richard’s date.

This week, things are getting bigger and bolder for the ladies.

Sutton, still reeling from Richard’s girlfriend discovery, gets to spend a whole day with the woman. Which is not about to be fun for anyone. Especially when the new girl is really nice. Since Sutton’s story arc has been filled with bad decisions, it stands to reason that this assignment is going to send her down the road with Brooke yet again. Sutton’s behaviour has been a bit at-cost to her friendship, as they’ve been trying to carry her emotional load.

Speaking of people with a lot of baggage, tiny Jane is still looking for “the job” and while she has found romance in the arms of Dr. Ben, that doesn’t make up for the feelings of rejection. And yet, Jaqueline was right. Jane needs to grow and be bolder. Will writing a followup of the sexual assault story (which, let us not forget, is Jaqueline‘s story too) do that? Or will she remain a floundering freelancer?

And finally we have the story I know you’re interested about. Baby Bisexual Kat and her adventures in the Mythical New York Lesbian Bar (that doesn’t exist).

Okay. I have seen the episode, my lovelies. Last week I yelled that Kat has nothing to ‘confess’ about for having a sex dream. We’ve all had inappropriate sex dreams. This is a normal part of being human, and absolutely doesn’t mean we might cheat on our partners.

That said, Leila is in tonight’s episode. And she and Kat go out to the lesbian bar again, while Adena is still away at her retreat.

Deep breaths. Here’s a clip from tonight’s episode:

Kat is clearly catnip to the ladies. And where will this lead? We already know Kat and Adena have some confession, but would Adena really be that upset about a dream? Or Kat going to a bar without her? Or does she have a reason to distrust Leila? Or is something else going on?

I love Kadena, but this is also Kat’s first real relationship. Not just ‘with a woman’ but at all. Kat’s not been one for commitment before, and her old habits may resurface. Jumping right into that ‘practically married’ state isn’t for everyone, U-haul jokes aside.

You’ll have to watch tonight to find the answers.

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