The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – November 12, 2018

Queerest Things - The Deuce season two finale

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, The Deuce season two finale ends where it started and Mel and her sisters cast a spell to alter history on Charmed.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
The Deuce – Season 2 Episode 9 “Inside the Pretend” [Catch Up]

The Deuce season two finale started where we began with Shay passed out on Irene’s office couch.

The Deuce season two finale - If you love something set it free.gif

Also, Barbara and Melissa didn’t have a reunion, but Melissa did get involved with Bobby’s very naïve son Joey. I think she is only doing it to take advantage of him.

And that’s it for our queer characters.

There is only one more season planned for The Deuce. It looks like we’re going to do another time jump and deal with more cocaine, AIDS, NYC real estate going up and how that affects the porn industry.

I hope our characters make it to season three.

Legends of Tomorrow – Season 4 Episode 3 “Dancing Queen” [Live]

This episode was pretty fun with the Legends traveling back to 70s Punk London.

Nate stayed back in 2018 with Gary and Ava at the Time Bureau where Ava gave Nate a crash course in necessary paperwork.

Legends of Tomorrow - The adventure's in the details

That line made me laugh. I love a details-loving nerd.

Again, this episode didn’t have a lot of Avalance content, but Sara did pay Ava a visit at the Bureau at the end of the show.

Legends of Tomorrow - Professional boundaries

They’re so cute — I love a serious / no inhibitions pairing.

Charmed – Season 1 Episode 5 “Other Women” [Live]

In this episode, Niko is still feeling consumed by Trip’s death. She is feeling guilty and like a terrible detective for not figuring out he was the Halloween murderer (which he wasn’t). Mel knows Trip was framed for the murders by the Elder, but she’s still playing along with the lie.

Charmed - It's just so hard to believe

Later, Niko is questioned by a FBI guy, but actually he’s a shapeshifter demon assassin that is out for Niko.

When Mel picks Niko up from work, she learns she’s been put on leave.

Charmed - I've been put on leave

Things are only getting worse for Mel’s girl.

That night, Mel is trying to distract Niko with dinner, but she has new news for her. Before he died, Trip left Niko a voicemail about Mel’s mother’s death.

Charmed - Before her died Trip left me a voicemeil

Uh oh, that’s Mel’s mom and the two other Elders. Niko also says Trip pulled their files, but now they are missing.

Niko is catching on to the possibility that Trip was framed, and now Mel has a serious situation on her hands. She’s trying to get Niko to let it go even though she could not let her mother’s death go for months after she died.

Mel asks Niko to go away with her for the weekend, and right after she says yes, she remembers Trip has a cabin in the woods (one of the safest places on TV shows). Maybe that’s where he put the files.

Niko goes to the cabin in the dark with only a flashlight and finds the evidence. Shapeshifter dude is right on her tail and turns into Trip. Shapeshifter as Trip gets Niko to hand over the vials. He then knocks her out, and sets the cabin on green fire. Fortunately, Mel rolls up in time and is able to pull Niko out the cabin (#LesbiansLive).

Niko is asleep at the hospital while Harry and Mel are discussing the situation in her room. Harry has accurately determined Niko has a shapeshifter after her, and Mel should text the evidence pics Niko took in the cabin to herself and then delete them off Niko’s phone. Harry is banking on Niko forgetting she ever took the photos and forgetting the whole thing.

That does not sound like a realistic solution, and Mel is still concerned, because it will not protect her from the demon.

Charmed - How can we protect her

And she’s right, because moments later the shapeshifter comes in looking like a nurse and tries to kill Niko again. Harry and Mel are able to save her and bring her back to the Charmed house, but Mel knows they can’t keep her safe there forever.

Mel thinks it’s all her fault Niko is being threatened. She then has an idea.

Charmed - A spell to make it like Niko and I never met

Harry warns her about the unknown implications of doing this spell, but Mel insists on it anyway. She believes it is the only way she can protect Niko from the demon.

Ugh, that is so sad. But drastic things happen to couples on shows like this, and I love how the two of them as a couple are so normalized. Their queerness is not a focus of hardship — it’s the regular supernatural shenanigans that happen on these shows.

After Niko’s gone, Mel looks her up on social, and she seems to be happy. Mel tries to move on and go to work, but when she gets there, someone else is teaching her class. She realizes Niko was the one who woke her up when she interviewed for the job. She must have overslept and missed it altogether.

In the previews Mel still talks about Niko, so I’m sure this is not the last of her. I am interested to see how the history-changing spell messes up other things in Mel’s present. I also wonder what is going to happen when the two of them cross paths again.

Tonight, Sara and Ava go to Summer Camp on Legends of Tomorrow and I am so ready for it.

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