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Welcome to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, Clexacon spreads the fan love, the Legends cast loves each other as much as we love them, and Wynonna Earp prepares for a PCA appearance.


Another week, another blurb about Ruby Rose‘s Instagram content. A couple days ago, she posted some pictures of Emily Bett Rickards. Let me take the time to tell you about my fan relationship with Emily. I admittedly do not watch Arrow. I only have seen her as Felicity in the Arrowverse crossovers. But you know that feeling where you see an actress and know that you would love her the second you actually watched their show? That’s how I feel about Emily Bett Rickards. (For the record, this also happened to me with Caity Lotz. I now love her as much as everyone else after my recent Legends of Tomorrow binge). Therefore, I keep getting more and more excited every time she pops up in the wlw fan universe, like when Ruby Rose posted this:

Emily’s response: “This is war”

Black Mirror

There were rumors flying around this week that there was going to be a sequel to Black Mirror’s famous “San Junipero” episode because of this Complex article. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, in response, Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror’s creator) cleared the air and said that there will not be any San Junipero-related episodes in the near future. We better not have to wait 49 years for a sequel!

The Bold Type

As part of a Get-Out-the-Vote type initiative that many shows were endorsing over the past week, The Bold Type released a sneak peek of Season 3. I don’t know if it is just me, but doesn’t Kat seem like she is upset at the beginning of this clip? Of course, my mind immediately turns to WHAT KADENA DRAMA IS HAPPENING?

What do I have to do to make Nikohl Boosheri a regular again?


The CW listened to its fans this week (and our love for Charmed) by granting the show nine more episodes: a full season order! They sent the same award toward All American and Legacies, two new shows that also feature LGBTQ+ characters.

Nine more episodes worth of Mel and Niko! (hopefully)


Unfortunately, I did not go to Clexacon London so all of my news will be focused on a non-participant POV. But, thankfully, Mika was able to attend (and spoke at two panels) so she was able to fill us in on all the good ticket-holding details! Additionally, Clexacon has been uploading full videos of the panels so that we can all feel like we were really there.

Here are some of my favorite social media posts from the weekend:

As always, Nicole and Mandahla were there to spread the Clexacon love to the fans.
Reppin’ Carmilla and CLAIREvoyant!
I think everyone fell in love with Jamie Clayton this weekend.
The crossover none of us realized we needed.

On the topic of Jamie Clayton, Gay Star News also released a really great interview with Jamie where she talks about trans representation, Sense8, and her favorite TV shows.

Coronation Street

Soap operas can be daunting. There are usually TONS of episodes and lots of excessive drama. But Coronation Street, a UK-based soap opera, has recently featured its first lesbian engagement (and mixed-race family) so I suddenly see a super fan’s edit of only the Kate and Rana scenes in my future.

Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends of Tomorrow content keeps on coming! One of the best things about having a cast that loves each other so much is that they hang out often and we get to see pictures and videos! This weekend, the cast attended a performance together at Bacio Rosso and had lots of fun!

Bury me in their smiles.

Meanwhile, the Legends of Tomorrow episode took us into punk-rock London this week and, as usual, the cast had a little extra fun with it.

I really hope the rumors of a possible musical episode are true…

As I am sure most of you are aware, the LoT fandom has an obsession with arms. Pretty much any woman’s arms but, specifically, Caity Lotz‘s arms. The fandom gets so excited when Sara Lance is in tank tops that I am now convinced that the wardrobe department does it on purpose. And, if anyone ever doubts the power of fandom, this Caity tweet from this week should silence them:

Her response makes me want to happy-cry and encircle myself in her perfect arms for at least two hours.

Finally, here’s a cute picture of Jes Macallan being cute on the set:

For reasons.

The Perfectionists

I was honestly ready to put the Pretty Little Liars universe to rest… but Freeform was not! This week, they released a sneak peek of their PLL spin-off, The Perfectionists, as part of the same Get-Out-the-Vote initiative that The Bold Type was involved in.

The new show will focus on Alison and Mona after they are forced to move back to another small-but-dangerous town. Earlier this year, Marlene King promised that we would find out the current status of Emily and Alison’s relationship in the first episode.

Wynonna Earp

We meet again, Wynonna Earp! This upcoming weekend, the cast will be at the People’s Choice Awards to find out if all that fan voting has paid off!

I hope this is Melanie Scrofano’s response if WE doesn’t win.

Today is also the last day to back the IDW kickstarter to develop a new Wynonna Earp graphic novel written by Beau Smith and Tim Rozon. When they hit $100,000, they promised to add a new 8-page WayHaught comic (co-written by Beau Smith, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and Kat Barrell) where WayHaught finds themselves caught in a freak blizzard.

#WayCold pride is the new “cool” thing!

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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