Renew Timeless: Tongue in Cheek Time Travel Where Lesbians Live

Renew Timeless: Tongue in Cheek Time Travel Where Lesbians Live

One of the NBC shows up for renewal but weirdly without any information yet is Timeless. And I really, really think we need to renew Timeless.

It’s Underrated and Goofy

Timeless is one of those weird sleeper shows. I find it tricky to remember to watch (it’s on Sundays and that’s jam packed for me) but every time I do, I remember how much I enjoy it. I have always loved time travel shows. And I adore Goran Višnjić – he’s a masterful villain. But the show is just goofy. It embraces the hilarity of it’s medium, with characters pretending to be Langston Hughes working on his next epic: a musical about Alexander Hamilton. It sticks it’s tongue in it’s cheek and has two women claim to be the detectives, Cagney and Lacey.

The show goes for broke with the fact that, yes, it’s time traveling, and yes, Heddy Lamar is amazing, and yes, yes yes, have fun with this. How can you not be interested in a show that has fun with the clothes and the eras and the people?

It Has a Regular Lesbian

And why do I care here? One of the main characters, though not the main character, is a lesbian. Denise Christopher is an Indian American Homeland Security Agent, who basically created the whole time travel troupe. She’s married, she has a kid, she’s estranged from her parents, and as we found out in the episode “The Day Regan Was Shot,” she knew about her future.

Seriously go watch the episode. It was good.

They even actually improved her life via time travel.

We Need to Renew Timeless

But here’s the thing. We don’t know if we’re going to get more. And while this isn’t going to be a show we all scream about like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s exactly the kind of queer positive show we need on TV. The show is simple, it’s made for the masses. It’s smart without being condescending and it’s cute without being trite.

This show is the average, middle of the road, drama that should be able to plod along for five or seven years. It won’t break waves, but every week America gets a perfectly normal queer lady leading a team of heroes.

And that, that is timeless.

Watch Timeless, seasons one and soon two, on Hulu.

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