Smash Some Shit and Watch the Rage Room

Smash Some Shit and Watch the Rage Room

We’ve all had that feeling, right? Where everything is just too much and you can’t stand it any more and you just want to destroy some things and get it out?

Darla knows that angst.

Recently divorced, she’s used her alimony to open up a unique attraction in New Mexico: a shop where local can come and beat the hell out of inanimate objects. And she calls it the Rage Room.

This short, 6 episode web series it’s just 6 fun filled episodes of people breaking stuff to a killer sound track. It also touches on the things that break us, and how we can break back and maybe find ourselves again. Sure, you might need the help of Puja’s crystals, but you can also work through your troubles in a safe space. Literally. You have to wear a jumpsuit and face shield.

The idea for Rage Room comes from Summer Chastant, who also wrote and starred and produced the show. The director is Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, whom you may know from Kissing Jessica Stein and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde.

Now you know I wouldn’t be talking about this if there wasn’t some queerness. In the 4th episode, a lesbian couple comes to the Rage Room to work out their issues. They’re certainly not the ‘stars’ of the show, but their episode has an adorable play on the heteronormative view of lesbians. You’ll know it when you see it.

Check out Rage Room. It’s quirky, it’s well filmed, and it’s hella fun to watch people break the shit out of their ex’s stuff.

Episodes will be released on Wednesdays, from April 4th (tonight!) through the 18th, at 7p PT/10p ET.

Screener Review on Rage Room

A fun series about smashing the hell out of things to feel better.

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