The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – June 11, 2018

Queerest Things - Vida Cruz and Emma

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week: I survived The Fosters Series Finale Three-Night Event; Coco finds out her roommate Kelsey is a lesbian on Dear White People; and Vida finishes season one.

  1. The Fosters – Season 5 Episode 20 “Meet the Fosters” [Live]
  2. For The Fosters Series Finale three-night extravaganza, I tried doing a reaction video, but that didn’t work out. I felt really ridiculous reacting by myself, when it’s usually my wife (who hates being on video) saying all the funny things. Instead I did 3 video interviews with our kid, Josephine, to get the perspective of a person with two moms.

    Here is night one.

    I was very impressed we got a 7/8, I thought we’d be a 5 at best.

    My favorite part was Stef and Lena vs. their future in-laws Jim and Diane. Jim and Diane are really conservative, which was funny, because Jim was played by Robert Gant who played Ben on Queer As Folk and is super gay in real life. Ben was one of my favorite QAF characters.

    In one scene, Diane tells them of their family wedding tradition where they pair up opposite family members of the opposite sex to dance with each other. Is this a thing? Do people really do this? Since Stef and Lena are a lesbian couple, Diane says Jim will dance with each of them.

    The Fosters Series Finale - Awkward

    Snarky Stef is the best Stef.

    For your enjoyment, here are all of Stef’s eyerolls from this episode

    The Fosters Series Finale - Stef's eyerolls.

  3. The Fosters – Season 5 Episode 21 “Turks & Caicos” [Live]
  4. First, the pre-episode Kid interview:

    I thought this one was kind of boring, it was mostly an infomercial for Beaches and gross Callie/Brandon will they/wont they stuff. Yuck!

  5. The Fosters – Season 5 Episode 22 “Where the Heart Is” [Live]
  6. Final pre-episode Kid interview:

    In this episode Stef and Lena got to have an adventure. It was the classic: while you’re skinny dipping in the ocean someone takes your robes scenario. They even smiled at each other and got to make out in the water a little bit.

    The Fosters Series Finale - Stef and Lena Skinny dipping

    Later they run into Jim and Diane while getting a replacement key.

    The Fosters Series Finale - Well see you later

    At least the show gave them some normal, funny couple moments in the very last episode of the entire series.

    At the wedding Lena reads a bleak poem on love accompanied by a Stef/Lena flashback montage comprised of 85% arguing and 15% happiness.

    The Fosters Series Finale - Love poem

    It stayed pretty true to their relationship.

    The whole thing ended with the entire family leaving their empty house and moving to their various new lives, all in the Los Angeles area.

    And there you have it.

    The Callie/Mariana spin-off show is called Good Trouble, and it premieres in 2019. I don’t have high hopes for it, but I’ll be obligatorily watching the first episode when it comes out.

  7. Dear White People – Season 2 Episode 4 “Chapter IV” [Streaming]
  8. Every episode of Dear White People centers around a different character. This episode was about Coco, one of the leaders of the Coalition of Racial Equality student union. Coco is “strictly dickly,” but her roommate Kelsey tells her she’s a lesbian, and Coco thinks she’s coming out to her, when actually she just hasn’t been paying attention.

    Dear White People - Kelsey

    Kelsey finds out Coco is pregnant and helps her deal with it throughout the episode. I thought this episode was really well done overall. I highly recommend watching the entire series if you haven’t already.

  9. Vida – Season 1 Episode 6 “Episode 6” [Live]
  10. This was the season one finale, and I am not ready for it to be over yet! Six, half-hour episodes is such a short season, and this show is SO GOOD.

    Emma seems to have a moment of feeling actual feelings when she shows up at Cruz’s door.

    Vida - Emma and Cruz not expercting this text

    Not only did Emma go to Cruz’s place, she also stayed the night!

    Vida - Emma stays the night

    Emma is like a feral cat who needs to be socialized into the ways of dating and intimacy, and Cruz is the Emma whisperer who has the kindness and patience to do that. I love them.

    Throughout the episode Emma is coming around to the fact that her mom’s bar is the only safe space for the queer folks in the neighborhood, including herself. By the end she and her sister and dreaming up ideas for the bar.

    Meanwhile Eddie is still in a bad way and gets beaten up at another bar, winding up in the hospital.

    The episode ends with a beautiful and heartbreaking shot of Eddie in a hospital bed with the ghost of Vidalia holding her hand.

    Vida - Eddie and Vidalia

    I NEED a season two. I need to know what happens to Eddie, Emma and Cruz, and the bar. A show of this quality is rare in general, but a POC-centric one with a high number of three-dimensional queer characters is a treasure. We can’t lose this show! Please, everyone watch and tell your friends to watch, too.

This week, The Bold Type is back, and hopefully I’ll have time to watch the Sense8 finale movie.

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