The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – December 30, 2019

The L Word Generation Q

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, wow, this week’s episode of The L Word Generation Q was a lot, and I am back from the holidays to recap it for you all.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
The L Word: Generation Q – Season 1 Episode 4 “LA Times” [Live]

On this episode of The L Word Generation Q, our queer friends were very busy!

Bette Porter

In the land of bad political career choices, Bette is waking up with Felicity in a hotel room. Felicity wants to process their relationship in addition to having a secret meetup bang.

The L Word Generation Q - What do you want for us

Bette says all she wants is this right now, but you know that answer won’t satisfy her for long.

Later, Bette discovers she accidentally swapped phones with Felicity (like Stef and Lena did on Good Trouble a couple of weeks ago) and now Dani needs to fix it.

TLWGQ  - I'll sort it out

Dani meets up with Felicity to get the phone and warns her their relationship will bring Bette’s campaign down if it’s exposed.

Dani is furious when she delivers the phone back to Bette. Why would she jeopardize the campaign for this DL relationship? She asks her why she’s even running in the first place.

The L Word Generation Q - My sister died of a herion overdose

It was pretty obvious that was the reason, but The L Word Generation Q finally said it out loud. Now we know what happened to Kit. RIP, girl.

The L Word Generation Q - Girl you gotta love the life you live

In a Sativa-induced haze, Bette confesses everything to Shane and says she has to end things with Felicity — for the campaign and Kit’s sake.


It’s Shane’s 40th birthday and she’s woken up from a dream about her soon-to-be ex-wife Quiara by a million happy birthday texts, but none from Quiara.

Later, after the regular OG Character hang, Shane has something to show Bette and Alice.

The L Word Generation Q - Dana would love it

I think The L Word Generation Q feels the responsibility of correcting the past mistakes of its predecessor (for example its terrible portrayal of transgender characters). Killing off Dana, one of the most beloved original characters, was unforgivable. Shane naming the bar after her is a sweet tribute and the “obvious choice.”

Later while gettin’ high with Bette, Shane signs her divorce papers before heading to the bar.

TLWGQ  - I got divorced on my birthday

Shane thinks they’re meeting up with Alice for a chill birthday hang but surprise!

The L Word Generation Q - Shane's surprise party

Shane couldn’t have a 40th birthday without a party…and some drama.

Like Tess getting the truth out of Lena.

TLWGQ  - I'm sorry

Alice told you not to shit where you eat, Shane!

And the biggest birthday surprise of them all — the brand new ex-wife she just signed the divorce papers for a few hours ago showing up to the party.

The L Word Gen Q - Happy Birthday

Wow, that is a lot to deal with on your birthday, but at least she got an amazing cake.

TLWGQ - Shane's Birthday Cake


After another night of “fudging the priest,” Rebecca invites Finley to dinner at her house with some other folks from the religious community. She can tell Finley is weirded out by the guest list.

TLWGQ - Are you going to be able to get over this

Luckily for Finley, the doorbell rings before she has to answer.

I understand religion is Rebecca’s job, but I think she is pushing Finley too hard to confront all of her church baggage. It’s obvious Finley had a traumatic homophobic religious upbringing. I think Rebecca should let her deal with that on her own timeline. Saying stuff like, “we were brought together for a reason” — that reason being me bringing you back to church — is disrespectful IMO.

On the other hand, Finley needs to accept the fact that she’s catching feelings for Rebecca. If they’re going to continue to date, she needs to accept the priest-fudging thing.

The L Word Generation Q - Yeah, that's love , bro

At Shane’s surprise party, Finley starts pounding drinks.

The L Word Generation Q - What are we drinking

Uh oh, Sloppy Drunk Finley is going to show up and make bad decisions.

She and Sophie chat about Rebecca, and Sophie thinks she should talk to her and be honest about how she feels. I don’t think Sophie meant right now in her super drunk state while Rebecca is having friends over for dinner. But Finley takes off on her bike. This is not going to end well.

The L Word Generation Q - I think you should go home

Ouch, that was really painful to watch.

Drinking to deal with feelings Finley needs to get her act together.

Dani and Sophie

The political mess Dani has to clean up after catching Bette’s late-night meetup with Felicity is causing her to be distant from Sophie. But later she climbs into the bathtub to talk with Sophie.

Dani says she’s been distant because when the two of them met, Sophie had a girlfriend she left Dani for and she’s scared she’ll leave her too. That seems very out of nowhere since the more obvious choice is the stress caused by being Bette’s handler, but okay.

Sophie jumps out of the tub to go get something.

TLWGQ - I will never leave you

That was super sweet.

Also, there’s a lot of “you’re my person” talk on this show. The L Word Generation Q legal team should check if Shonda Rhimes has that trademarked because it was her thing first on Grey’s Anatomy.


Alice has a big photoshoot at work for an article and she wants to look amazing.

The L Word Generation Q - Alice is killing it

At the office, Nat and the kids are with her and Gigi drops by too. At first, the journalist mistakes Gigi for Alice’s girlfriend. It’s not accurate, but it is a little foreshadowing.

At Shane’s birthday party the 3 of them are getting along really well.

The L Word Generation Q - Are you guys talking about me

Bette and Shane also get Alice a present. It’s a framed copy of the LA Times article and the hero photo is Alice and her entire family, including Gigi. Funny, that.

The three of them continue to get along EXTREMELY well.

The L Word Generation Q - I think you should go home

And then this happens somewhere in the building.

The L Word Generation Q - Gigi Alice and Nat


If you have ever read anything I’ve written, you know, as a lesbian mom, my biggest queer mom on TV complaint is we’re portrayed as sexless co-parenting robots who don’t even like each other. Well, The L Word Generation Q may have erased a couple of years of bad lesbian TV mom Karma. That was one of the most NSFW-ist queer sex scenes I’ve ever watched on TV! And they made it back to the party in time to see Shane blow out the candles on her cake.

Good job, TLWGQ, you get a standing ovation from me.

And there you have it folks, an episode of The L Word Generation Q where everyone got laid except Shane!

This week our New Years Day present is a new episode of Almost Family! I’m scared to see how life is for Edie after coming clean to Tim.

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