New Comedy Series: Life is Easy

New Comedy Series: Life is Easy

Over the weekend, a new series dropped on Revy.

Have you ever asked yourself “What would Freaky Friday be like if they were adults and the opposite sex?” If so, this is the show to check out!

BFFs Curtis (he/him, homosexual white man) and Jamie-Li (she/her, heterosexual Chinese-Pākehā woman) share the same birthday and are basically the same person. They’re both lovable idiots who can’t plan for the future and thirst for fuqbois. They’re also not great people, and wouldn’t know ‘woke’ if it kicked them in the junk.

So of course the universe decides they should get blasted on lines and swap bodies.

Screener Review On Life is Easy

With diverse queer rep and complicated simple characters, the webseries proves that life is anything but easy.


More Than Just “Freaky” Friday

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

The duo spend their joint 25th birthday as a wild affair. Drinking and drugs and and a little B&E with a random tinder bloke. After sampling his ‘special concoction’ they wake up in each other’s bodies. It’s no surprise their first experiment (after Googling a way out of their predicament) is masturbation.

But it’s not all fun and (sex) games for the duo. Jamie-Li is the kind of mixed-race Chinese girl who thinks that being ‘exotic’ is a compliment. Once she’s in Curtis’ body, she is is delighted to try out the world as a cis-white man, but comes face to face with homophobia. Including Curtis’ own internalized! As for Curtis, he finds out first hand what mansplaining is like, and how it feels to be treated as even more second class than a gay man.

The besties will find out they don’t know each other’s lives (or themselves) as well as they thought they did.

Watch on Revry

If you’re in for a little raunchy sexy fun with a serious look into what makes us the same and different, check out Life is Easy.

Revry will air the episodes on Sundays (starting the 19th) at 8 pm ET/PT over their free 24/7 channel. You can watch Revry on The Roku Channel, Stirr’s channel 84, Xumo’s channel 463 or Samsung TV Plus’ channel 1226. If you want to binge then sign up for Revry Premium, which costs $6.99 a month or $59.88 annually ($4.99 a month), each with a seven-day free trial.

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