New Feature: Time Between Death

New Feature: Time Between Death

This was on Nikki’s request list for me for years, and I finally had the breakthrough needed to conceptualize the code in a way that won’t slow the site down terribly.

What Nikki wanted to know was ‘how long is the longest time between deaths?’ and I would always say “about 5 years.” However that’s inexact for everyone, and it bothered me a great deal. I thought if I was going to show a metric like that, it should have at least some context.

We now have a raw list of death which includes how many days passed since the previous death! This means, the longest timespan between character deaths is 1429 days (1980-05-27 to 1984-04-25). The shortest timespan is 0 days (multiple characters have died on the same day).

But more than that, you can now look and see “Oh the last death was 3 days after the previous”:

Image of the death list table, showing the three most recent deaths and how many days since the previous death.

An important item of note is that this list includes people who don’t stay dead. Yes, Sara Lance has 3 entries. The reason for that is that while death can be impermanent (for sci-fi/fantasy stuff mostly), it still is a moment that punches us in the gut and makes us hurt.

As always, the in-box is open if you have stats or data you’d like to see represented in another way. Give a shout in the comments, use the contact form, or come by Slack and shout at me.

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